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For :iconpkmnation:

Pokemon: Zangoose / Hoppip
Special: Cross, Morph

Name: Collins (means holly)

Gender: Male

Hatch date (DD/MM/YY): 7-11-2015

ID nr. 41014

Type: :iconnormaltypeplz::iconfairytypeplz::icongrasstypeplz:

Ability: Chlorophyll

Nature: Careful

Characteristic: Alert to sounds

Level: 100

Starter base attack: 22

Current base attack: 42


Scratch [starter]

Leer [starter]

Splash [starter]

Sleep powder

Level up log:

6 lvl - Clutch
6 lvl - Reference (full body + shading + BG)
6 lvl - Advent calender
14 lvl - 1th Advent
46 lvl - Collins' first day at my ranch
10 lvl - Flower shock
14 lvl - This years, wall of winter holiday spirit


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So cute! I love him :)
LunaraTDQ's avatar
He's fluffeh. I like fluffeh. :)

I guess I'm what you'd call a fluffy trainer, very nice to my mons and I love cute mons.
TheLovelessKitsune's avatar
aw yea ^^ fluff is the best :D
but remember to groom them often XD
LunaraTDQ's avatar
Oh yes I know. I have a long haired girl myself.'…
TheLovelessKitsune's avatar
ah yea what a sweetheart <3
LunaraTDQ's avatar
She needs grooming quite a bit. Especially her neck ruffle. And she's a shy baby who loves me :)
TheLovelessKitsune's avatar
that's always nice when your babys love you ^^
not all of mine speaks to me at all haha
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