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Mostly drawing for the groups I am active in PKMNation Friends on DA ~ Kuchiyami ryuji-bontan-hunter Sarahostervig CopiaNinjaKakashi

Chibi Blossom drawn by tulikko (  This is a journal for PKMNation   %PKMNation ( me Catelyn Foxchild ~~ my sis Kit Foxchild This is our ranch! We are happy to bid you welcome to our lovely place 'The Ranch of Broken Hearts' and while you might think, we must all be very sad here, with a name like that, I am here to tell you that, that is not the case, quite the opposite actually ^^ Many of our children, as we call our poke babies here, are rescues and we strive to help them get back on their feet, not all are rescues though, some are born here as well. We welcome all kinds of pokémons and have therefor many deferent species in ou
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Ranch of Broken Hearts This is my wish list of rarities I am looking for <3 (important notice, I have an undrawn rarity meowth (can be any of the two), I would like to trade for any rarity I don't already have) = Breeding for ATM   = Am on waiting list for Aurora Vulpix Hypnotic Umbreon Sun cat espeon Cerberus Typhlosion Tanuki Zigzagoon Light Gardevoir Hypnotic Zoroark Ring master Mismagius Flower field Aipom Deep Cave Noivern Unstable Magnemite Pirate Torracat Espresso Cyndaquil Prince Dartrix Glitch Pichu Vanillites I don't have ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Sorry to interrupt, I’m just someone who’s out and about looking to make new friends. My apologies for taking up your time to talk with me.

no worries at all ^^

I am not too good at making friends myself though :3

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:la: Was waiting for it to be accepted into the group but some precious buggos got some levels :heart:

awww thank you ;w; you always makes the cutest of surprises

Wasn't sure if DA let the mention go through or not but :la:

Some levels for little Magic ^.^