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FE: Awakening Meme

Awesome blank meme – [link] – by :iconsupertimer:!!
Pff, this took forever. But it was really fun! :D And a great opportunity to draw a bunch of characters. I tried to keep the drawings loose and not stress too much over all the details. I’m not sure if I succeeded, but I tried :XD: Pardon my sloppy handwriting ^^;

I have a feeling my favorite pairing for Henry is going to be Lissa, but since I haven’t seen their S Support yet I just went with the pairing I actually got in my game. Their A Support was sooo cute, though! I’ll definitely be pairing them in my next play-through :aww: Henry and Miriel were pretty adorable though, haha. I loved their conversations, but then Henry is amusing no matter who he’s talking to :XD:

It took me a while to decide who to draw for the second to last one, a character from an older game with an Awakening character. I was thinking through characters that had something in common with each other, and when Lucius and Libra came to mind I couldn’t resist :XD: The poor Fire Emblem priests too oft mistaken for women. Lucius definitely holds the title...I still remember meeting him when I first played FE7 years ago, thinking “Her name is Lucius? That’s weird, I thought that was only a guy’s name.” :iconikefacepalmplz: Sorry, Lucius ^^;

I didn’t think I would use Tharja much coming into the game, but yikes, she ended up being a powerhouse! Her daughter was crazy good, too.

So much love for this game!! :heart:
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Lon'qu/Cordelia is just adorable.
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I converted to this pairing via Blue Storm and I have to admit...Lon'qu makes a lot of sense as Severa's dad
Ggb81's avatar
Awesome! I did Lon'qu and Cordelia and Henry and Miriel also. Henry and Miriel's supports were awesome; "I was thinking, you know, we could get married and have children?" Or something like that. Awesome.
theLostSindar's avatar
Thanks! I loved Henry's supports with everyone; he's so amusing :D
Ggb81's avatar
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
You married Lon'qu with Cordelia? *gushes* Me too! =D

And as a bonus, Severa with black hair is a dead ringer to Larcei. She even wields Balmung in my game!

PS: if you don't know who Larcei is, just ask.
theLostSindar's avatar
Yep - they're one of my favorite pairings in the game! :aww:
SirArceon's avatar
Hey, me too! ^u^

I usually do my pairs by Ending though.  (Not that that has anything to do with this...)
musicspeedstar's avatar
My avatar's my powerhouse. He's an incredibly powerful Dark Knight.
SilentPianist's avatar
On my first game, my unit was like yours and I married Freddy Bear -CAHEM- HAHAHAHAHA XD
I also gave my name to her O_O
What are the odds, omg 
theLostSindar's avatar
Ha, we're twins! :XD:
InuyashalovesKagome1's avatar
Lucius and Libra is so damn true in that everyone mistakes them for women, the first time I played Awakening and got to the level where you get Libra and Tharja I thought Libra was Lucius since they have similar character designs, what with having long blond hair and both looking feminine and all although Libra IS more muscular since he uses an axe instead of light magic (which sadly doesn't exist in Awakening).

Hehe, brofist of manliness. lol
theLostSindar's avatar
Yep.  They could be long lost relatives or something :XD:

Ah, I missed light magic in Awakening too.
InuyashalovesKagome1's avatar
Come to think of it, I believe some people when they first saw Marth introduced in Super Smash Brothers Melee mistook him for a woman but I can't remember where I read or heard that from.
NonchalantSpectator's avatar
Lucius and Libra, aka the "wait, I thought you were a lady" twins.
videogameking613's avatar
You did a nice job on this! For some reason, this one also kind of reminds me of Pokemon Ranger (and that's a good thing).
Terumi-Kantoku's avatar
Brofist of Manliness is a serious business~

Aw, I love Henry, too!
Shootingstar12202's avatar
Oh dear god, I HATE Excellus!!! Great job though! ^_^
theLostSindar's avatar
I know!  He's so gross :X
Thanks! :D
Shootingstar12202's avatar
Yeah, that THING doesn't deserve a picture! And you're welcome! Here, have a cookie!
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