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The Great Western Way by TheLostEngine, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

The Mainland by TheLostEngine, visual art

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Duke the Lost Engine Poster by TheLostEngine, visual art

  • Nov 19, 1997
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My Bio

. Residence: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

. Contemporary age: 23

. Occupation: Part-time volunteer at Fox Classic Car Collection

. Favourite characters: Edward the Blue Engine, Fireman Sam, Warrior (TUGS), Scott Tracy, Captain Scarlet, Leni Loud, Postman Pat, Joshua Jones, Captain Mainwaring, Wallace and Gromit, Matthew Corbett, Batman (Brave and the Bold), Superman, Sherlock Holmes, Basil of Baker Street, Olivia Flaversham, Yosemite Sam, Saber Rider, April Eagle, Colt, and more

. Favourite food: Fish and chips, pizza, John West chili tuna sandwiches, and Weet-Bix

. Favourite reality shows: Escape to the Country and Great British Railway Journeys

. Favourite quiz show: Mastermind

. Favourite historical figure: Isambard Kingdom Brunel

. Favourite comedians: The Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, and Abbott and Costello

. Favourite colour: Blue

. Favourite physical sports: Cricket and footy

. Favourite songs: "The Touch" by Stan Bush, "Holding Out for a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler, and "Waterloo" by ABBA

. Personal quote: “Sometimes the best travels are those we can only dream about.”


G'day, everybody! I'm a young and nostalgic Australian male with autism, a love for cartoons, kids shows, classic comedy, and a lot of things British. I also have a passion for motor vehicles, locomotives and railway history in general, aircraft, watercraft, Victorian culture and engineering, etc.

Plus I enjoy making and uploading deviations, it having become a hobby of mine ever since I joined DeviantArt.

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---|||-|||--- I'm autistic and


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----///----- or have autism

Favourite Visual Artist
Bruno Bianchi, Shingo Araki, Bruce Timm, Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Clive Spong, John T. Kenney, Gunvor and Peter Edwards, Graham Bleathman, and Christian and Yvon Trembley
Favourite Movies
Hot Wheels: Highway 35 - World Race, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins, A Goofy Movie, Scooby-Doo and The Loch Ness Monster, Scooby-Doo and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Transformers: The Movie, and The Great Mouse Detective
Favourite TV Shows
Thomas & Friends, The Loud House, The Transformers, Inspector Gadget, SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, Fireman Sam, Joshua Jones, Dad's Army, Looney Tunes, Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and TUGS
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Beatles, The Kinks, ABBA, Elvis Presley, Shuki Levy, Barry Gray, Dale Schacker, Mike O'Donnell & Junior Campbell, Vince DiCola, Stan Bush, Chico Marx, Vivaldi, Johnny Douglas & Robert J. Walsh, Randall Crissman, Ron Grainer, and Cliff Richard
Favourite Books
The Railway Series
Favourite Games
Hot Wheels: World Race, Hot Wheels: Stunt Track Challenge, Hot Wheels: Velocity X, Transformers: Devastation, Project Gotham Racing 4, and Forza Motorsport 4
Favourite Gaming Platform
PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360
Tools of the Trade
iPad, Laptop, and Imgflip

Who is your favourite of The Three Railway Engines?

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Thomas Comes to Breakfast (Loud House version)

0 min read
"Silly stick-in-the-muds!" chuckled Thomas. "I'll show them. Driver said I could manage without him. I'll just go out, then I'll stop and WEEESH! That'll make them jump." Thomas thought he was being clever. Really he was only moving because a careless cleaner had meddled with his controls. He soon found his mistake. He tried to WEEESH! But he couldn't. He tried to stop. But he couldn't. He just kept rolling along. He didn't dare look at what was coming next: there was the Loud House! The Loud family were just about to have breakfast. "Horrors!" cried Thomas. And shut his eyes. The house rocked, broken glass tinkled, plaster was everywhere. Thomas collected a bush on his travels. He peered into the room through its leaves. He couldn't speak. The Loud children were furious. The father, Lynn Sr, picked up his plate. "You miserable engine!" he scolded. "Just look what you've done to our breakfast! Now I shall have to cook some more!" He banged the door. More plaster fell. This time
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The Aftermath of 'Near Miss'

0 min read
Note: BE SURE TO READ THE STORY ITSELF OR AT LEAST BE FAMILIAR WITH IT BEFORE READING THIS. After Henry was put back onto the rails, he was carefully reversed by one of the men back into his berth. Minutes later, Henry's driver, who had heard about the incident, came up running to him. "Are you alright, Henry?" he said. "I'm fine, thank you, driver," Henry replied. "If it hadn't been for those trap points, there could have been a nasty collision between me and Gordon." "How did you even get out?" questioned the driver. Henry told him about the firelighter fiddling around inside his cab earlier on, and that he forgot to close the regulator, which of course had caused the big green engine to move by himself. The driver was alarmed at what he heard. "Right," he said. "I'll report this to the Fat Controller immediately!" Henry's driver spoke to the Fat Controller in his office about what had happened. The Fat Controller stood up from his desk and grabbed his top hat and coat from
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Thanks for the favourite.😄

Thanks for the favs, much appreciated

Thank you so much for all the Favourites ^_^

Thanks for the fav.

Hello! Thanks for the fav!

Hi Alex, thanks for the latest favourites! =P

Thanks for the fave mate :D