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Megalomaneia - Lose Your Head

“It really feels like a burden has been... lifted off my shoulders.” Maneia bit her lip, restraining herself
from laughing at her own joke. “I don't know if you noticed, but I've really been losing some weight

Casually relaxing in a plush chocolate brown chair, Nocturna gave a slight smile, not at the poor jokes,
but at the decapitated head gently held in her hand. The blue and purple orb energetically smiled back.

“I can hardly believe it,” Maneia said in awe, admiring her torso-less form. “I mean, sure you know a
lot of spells, but this is just too cool.”

With a slight “it's nothing, really” shrug of her shoulders, Nocturna stood up from the cushioned chair
and began making her way through the dimly lit library, a few candles placed periodically along the
tables and shelves barely piercing the oppressive darkness.

“I can't even feel anything!” Maneia continued, “You'd think having your head cut off would be
painful... or at the very least a bit tickly, but nothing!”

Moans echoed from the dark shelves as Nocturna's undead ponzie workers busied, or more accurately
shambled, about their duties maintaining the mansion.

Maneia wrinkled her brow in worried thought. “If I don't have any lungs... how am I breathing?”

She immediately began choking and gasping for breathe. With a roll of her eyes, Nocturna lifter up her
free hand and flicked the blue mare's nose, startling her back into normalcy.

“Magic,” Nocturna explained with the tone of a teacher whose had to explain the same subject one to
many times.

“Oh... yeah that makes some kind of sense.” Even though Maneia was herself a unicorn, she was far
from a master of the magical arts. “But why can I talk if I don't have a voice box?”


Scrunching up her face in deep thought, she struggled for stumper, one of her favorite pastimes being
the search to find something Nocturna didn't know the answer to, so far to little success. Her face alit
with inspiration. “If you put my head on someone else's body, and then I use their body to masturbate,
will I or their disembodied head feel it?”

After a moments pause, another swift flick to the nose was the only answer.

Winding their way through the massive home, the pair eventually arrived at the door to Nocturna's
bedroom. Making her way inside, the necromatic unicorn stopped in front of a shelf full of strange and
perturbing artifacts.

“Huh!” Maneia almost toppled off of Nocturna's hand as she gasped in excitement. “Can you put me on
a pegasus! Oh please, Nocturna. Then I can be an alicorn and fly around and look down on everyone!”

“You're asking the wrong questions,” Nocturna replied, as she lifted the top off a clear glass platter
flanked to either side by large candles.

Arching an eyebrow, Maneia continued with a slightly patronizing tone, “They've all seemed pretty
right to me, but what do you think is the right question?”

Placing Maneia on the round, crystalline pedestal, Nocturna's subtle smile becoming increasingly more
disturbing. “I think, why am I a head, might be a decent starting place.”

Going blank with realization, Mane turned her now worried eyes up at her sadistic best friend. “You
have a mighty fine point there.... so I take it this wasn't just for fun.”

“How very astute of you.” Nocturna picked the glass lid back up and held it menacingly in her hands.

“Then I'm sure that you also know that you're going to be punished for yesterday's turkey baster
incident.” The calm, emotionless tone in her voice sent shivers up Maneia's nonexistent spine.

Sweating, Maneia desperately thought to assuage the looming Nocturna. “Oh that, well it was all
Faith's idea, I even tried to stop her, but she just wouldn't listen.... you know how she can get.”

“I may be a genius, but you and I both know I can't take all the credit,” Unable to turn her head, but just
visible out of the corner of her eye, another identical glass case sat a little further down the shelf.
Cables occasionally sparking, neck stump slowly leaking into a growing pool of oil, Faith flashed a
toothy grin, her large eyes glowing a soft blue with a twinkle of sadistic glee. “After all, it was you who
came up with the...”

“Ha ha ha,” Maneia laughed cutting the mechanical mare off. “Oh you and your lies.”

Slowly, Nocturna lowered the glass bowl over Maneia, the glass making a clink noise as is came to

Bending forward, Nocturna looked into Maneia's eyes, piercing through her meager defenses.

“Okay so maybe Faith goaded me into it, but I'm super sorry!”

Wordlessly, Nocturna stood back up. Walking over to the doorway she began musing to herself.

“Maybe I should take a trip, it's been a while since I've traveled.”

“You got me,” Maneia said faking a laugh. “I sure have learned my lesson.”

“I wonder if Wildflower would enjoy visiting the plains?” Her voice trailed off as she disappeared down
the hallway.

“I can't even blame you for trying to sell me down the river,” Faith called to the sulking Maneia.

“Didn't work when I tried it either.”

“She's just teasing us... I'm sure she'll come back.”

As if summoned by the words, Nocturna appeared in the doorway. “How careless of me, I almost
forgot.” With a shimmer of magic a breeze swept through the room, extinguishing the candles. With a
creak and a resounding thud, the door closed shut casting the room into pitch black, save for the gentle
blue glow of Faith's eyes.

The two heads sat in silence, contemplating their lot in life until Faith finally spoke. “All in all... still
worth it.”

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