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:blackrose:~ 4'5
:blackrose:~ Medium/long hair blonde hair.
:blackrose:~ Dark purple eyes.
:blackrose:~ Light skin.
:blackrose:~ Small delicate fangs.
:blackrose:~ Sometimes her panther is with her. Her name is night and is a little over 900 pounds. Night is very protective of her.
:blackrose:~ Outfits: Black short shorts, A blue v-neck top with a grey cameo under it, and grey over the knee-socks; or a light pink tank top with black short shorts or a white summer dress with 5 buttons down the front with lace around it or a dark pink/purple dress with long sleeves.

Royal chatroom -…

Lily's story

Since she is of the royal class of demons and lucifers daughter she is highly feared. She never knew her mother. Her father does not want her and if she misbehaves she gets beaten harshly(if she was human she would have been dead from one of his simple beatings) she strives to try to get her father to love her. Since she is greatly feared even by many of the royals, no one ever cared for her, and if they did anything it was just to make her pleased so they wouldnt be killed. She also is a seer and has painful visions and because of them sometimes she goes into this state where all there is, is pain and she is in a coma state to the world. Until she came to earth she lived on her own in a huge mansion.

:saddummy: RELATIONS :saddummy:

(just ask to be up here)

:bulletpink: Love :bulletpink:

who would love me?

:bulletpurple: Family :bulletpurple:


:bulletred: Friends :bulletred:


:bulletblack: You annoy me, how bout you die? :bulletblack:


:fear: Y-you scare me :fear:


:heart: My Mutti :iconblackheartplz:


:bulletblue: CCT (Crack Convo Trio) :bulletblue:


:bulletorange: My thoughts :bulletorange:

:icondarklittleport: - Your the first person to ever ask me to be their friend..

:icondark--alfred: - You like picking me up for some reason.... But your fun and nice; but id like it if people stopped hurting you.

:iconberlin-silke: - You are different from others... you seem to care its weird, so ill call you weird one for now

:iconask--prussia: - Big brother prussia! your so nice

:iconaskdavion: - Your scared of me, but you are a good servant

:iconaph-dark-olsztyn: - Why dont you just kill your other side?

:iconakako-kitty: - You so fun to kill with, i think i like you better now

:iconask-narnia: - You are funny *giggles* why do you react so funny around me?

:iconask-panem: - You stay around me and help. Your really nice. And you explained everything to me

:iconthevaingirl: - You are very scared of me but you are a good servant.

:iconthepolitegirl: - You are a lady... you are scared too... but a good servant

:iconthequiettwo: - You two are scared of me... and you are very quiet, but still good servants

:iconthelittleenforcer: - w-whenever you come i cant remember what happens, a-and you h-hurt me

Info on Human!Lily::

Name- Lily
Other nicknames- the evil one, mistress, cute killer
Gender- Female
Age- 10
Height- 4'5
Fat or muscular- muscular
Birthday- june 19
Languages- german, english, has the ablity to learn any language
Words used alot- yay, interesting, ice cream, bring me, hey
Relationship statues- single
Eyes- Violet
Hair- Long blonde curly hair
Skin- pale
Appearance- little curly blonde girl with violet eyes and a white dress holding a teddy bear
twisted, horrible, horrific. She is lucifers daughter. She may look harmless but she is a horrific killer. She loves to kill and if she doesnt get her way she'll slaughter you slowly and painfully. Lily is a demon born of lucifer and a unknown demon. She found her way into Gilbert's gang and is a feared person. She loves icecream, evil things, her family, and cute things.

Info On Demon!Lily::

Name- Lily
Other nicknames- Ice queen
Gender- Female
Age- 120 (a month is 10 years in hell)
Height- 5'3
Fat or muscular- Muscular; very fit. Has a 6 pack and nice body muscles. Also on the busty side.
Birthday- June 19
Languages- German, English, has the ability to learn any language, Also the demon language.
Words used alot- Little, Filthy, Filth, Not worthy, Begone, Scared, Tiny.
Relationship statues- Single
Eyes- A unnatural Violet
Hair- Very Long blonde curly hair
Skin- Pale
Appearance- Smallish women with very long blonde hair, Unnatural violet eyes, Pale skin, Long fangs, On the busty side, Looks threatening.
An ice queen. Hard heart, doesnt let anyone in or care. Looks down upon everyone. She loves to kill. She has a siren voice you cant help but come to her. Lily is a demon born of lucifer and a unknown demon. Well Demon!Lily is an ice queen, she looks down on others and is very hard in the heart. She doesnt care about anyone else. Human!Lily is more childish and caring, she likes to kill but not even close to how much her demon form does. She has fangs about 2 to 3 inches longer than Human!lily. Her eyes glow in the dark and whenever she is mad. Her voice is more demonic but it sounds like a siren to most. So it leads you on and she is extremely beautiful in this form. Also busty.
I'm alive!!!! :iconsweetgrinplz:


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She left the girl a card. "Happy Birthday Lily... From Mutti."
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"Happy birthday deary."she hugged the small child." I hope it's wonderful love." She held two gifts out.
Felicia saw the child, and couldn't help but smile. She adored children. "Ciao there~" The pretty Italian smiled.
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"Lili..." She smiled, "Long time no see."
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-walks up to ghost Lily and sighs- I know you're 10 now, and probably won't understand...but.. I love you......-blushes- I-I should've told you sooner......-turns around and starts to walk away-
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