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My Bio

Welcome to my page!

I am a digital art hobbyist whom participates in the field due to my sheer love to create. I very much enjoy sharing what I produce in hopes it will inspire others to keep pushing until they get to where they wish to be as artists! I remember there was a time when I was young with absolutely no one to support me but I had a profound passion to make things. It was the driven people of DeviantArt and YouTube that really kept that artistic enthusiasm alive. I wanted to bring my creations alive the way they breathed life into theirs! Fourteen years later I adore every piece I make no matter how many flaws are in them, and I truly hope that in some way I can do for others what was done for me by returning the favor. My best to all of you! Keep creating if that's what you love to do, no matter how many followers you have! If it matters to you, you're already extraordinary! ~~~~

~I do not accept requests. ~I currently accept commissions. The rules provided are a bit blunt as I was not being taken seriously previously. Please read through them, if you still wish to commission me, feel free to DM me!:


~I am a Youtuber, most of my work is AMVs or Speedpaints of my work:…

~~~~~ Please do not copy, trace, redistribute, recolor. etc my art. Do not use my characters in work commissioned by other artists, motion work, literary content nor RP without my written permission. I appreciate all of those whom support my content, you can show you support by sharing my work not reposting it in other locations.

Favourite Visual Artist
Anyone I am currently watching.
Favourite Movies
Titanic, Twister, Avatar (James Cameron's version), Wolf Children, Tangled and Brave to name a couple.
Favourite TV Shows
Revolution, Once Upon A Time, Erased, Your Lie In April and MLP: FiM
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Smash into pieces, Nickelback, Citizen Soldier, Five finger death punch
Favourite Books
Halo: Ghosts Of Onyx, Halo: The Fall Of Reach, The City Of Ember, Wolf Children manga
Favourite Games
The Halo franchise (before Halo 5 and Infinite), RDR2 and A plague tale.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Painting, mechanical engineering and cosplay.
I appreciate those that feel like my art is inspiring them. While it is my goal of sharing what I produce in hopes of inspiring others, using it for your personal gain is not exactly what I meant by it. I meant that I hope it will inspire you to continue to aspire to be the best version of yourself as an artist. To bring all of your creations to life with the beauty you crave to capture in it. Not use my work. I stand by it meaning you are NOT allowed to use it for personal clientele. I do thank those that have been polite enough to ask permission to do such. At least as opposed to just using it whilst disregarding my wishes that you need to ask before doing anything with my work. Example of one that’s coming up as of recent: Painting my work in someone’s home as sort of a wall portrait or mural. Doing so is a form of reselling my content which is a big ass NO. You’re being paid for something you did not design and that I would never receive a dime for. I spend weeks on my work
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Posting this for any potential new requests, I am unsure at this current moment if this will change, we shall see what the future beholds. However, as of right now, I will not be accepting RP requests from anyone any longer. I have grown rather sick and tired of putting extensive amounts of effort into world building, character creation and my writing. Taking time out of my day to devote to people whilst being held to expectations that people will not hold themselves to has gotten on my nerves. I have had it with answering ads only to be ghosted, blocked, ignored or in the case someone does start an RP with me; I end up getting a sentence or two worth of a response! I am very much over the fetish RP requests, my characters are not to satiate your sexual needs. The hunger people seem to have to use my artistic skills to further satisfy that with the hopes it will be fulfilled in the form of a request is unreal. Yes you read that right, the expectation to not have to pay merely due to
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The Monroe Chronicle chapters have been removed as the story is being turned into a book to be published to the public as an adult chapter book. I aim to start releasing Halo: Lone Wolf's chapters again shortly to the page as I have more time now to write them. The story's title is under reconsideration, I have found that there is already a book published under that name and do not wish Athena's story (despite it being a fanfiction from the perspective of a Spartan III) to be accidentally affiliated with it. I have heavily considered rewriting some of the first two chapters to better capture Athena's more playful, cheerful aura as a child before things take place in the war to change her character. I am uncertain whether or not that will successfully be published due to my several... strongly worded messages to 343 Industries about my abhorrence to where the Halo universe has gone, how childish it looks, the lack of development it has had as well as the lack of heart put into its
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thank you for faving my white Fluffy Hada adopt☺⚪⚫

Oh absolutely! You deserved it! Your creatures are stunning and beautiful!!

Thanks for the fave on =)

Some Halo doodles

Absolutely! You deserved it for such great sketches!

Thank you! I personally think this isn't the best out of the many sketches I uploaded but I'm very glad you like this one

A wide friend once said: As artists, the hardest critic we have is us. Regardless of how much you dislike it, get an outside perspective. See it through someone else’s eyes. They may see elegance where you see rough nature.

Of course I’m sure you know this, I thought I’d put it out there. :D

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Thanks so much for the favorite on my tutorial! If you'd like to see more, I have the entire list of them here: Best of luck with your art journey! :heart: