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I did not write this.

This is given out to junkies at some rehabs
and help centers. I think it's telling them
what they already know, but these words
are SO very true.

I had no idea which category to put
this in, please tell me if it's wrong.
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I ran across this & shared it with another artist I "watch". Hope all is well.:D (Big Grin) 
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My heart bleeds for you, I have been through the torment of losing my son aged 37. I hope that young people read this verse and take heed of the warning you have given them. May god bless you and keep you safe to carry on passing this important message to others.
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Those are facts even I do know though I have never been addicted and never even tried and certainly something I NEVER want to try but I like how this is written even though you didn'T write it...

I also think it sure suits the rehab come there to get away from it and sure the poem tells them something they already know - but the last two verses actually also contain that they will never be able to cure themselves. Even if they finish the rehab positively - they will always suffer from what that Lady did to them...they will always be connected to her....and will also have to face the fact that if they are ever go back into her arms they will also go back to the vicious circle that in the end led them to where they are while reading that poem or even farther into death...

Yeah well just my 2 cents ...
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Thanks my friend, and I agree with you.
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:hug::huggle: I'm so sorry that you are personally concerned due to your daughter being addicted/having been addicted...if you ever need someone to talk to you know where to find me :aww:
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Sadly my daughter passed away a few weeks after I posted this, and I also posted a photo of her in hospital, hopefully to put any youngsters off drugs :(
Thank you for being such a caring friend, and thank you for just being there, DA and this wonderful community really helped me get through the grief at the time.
I truly appreciate your caring words dear friend :huggle:

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Yeah I saw that photo and I know a lot of similar photos from anti-drug-campaigns and medical books and such stuff...

No problem - I help where I can and when I can :aww:
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It's sad that they give them out at rehab places, reading it made me feel if I was to ever get hooked I'd never be able to stop, they should send them out at school assemblies instead. Cause after reading this well...makes me never wanna go near the stuff.
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Yes I totally agree, it seems a bit late to hand them out at rehab, a little like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted :(
They should definitely give them to ALL young people, and thanks so much for commenting :hug:
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This a wondrful written piece. It is very truthful.
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Yes I couldn't agree more, and thank you so much :heart:
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yes , this is really very true , whoever has written it knew what he/she was writing about ... I hope many will read it and start thinking ...
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Yes I hope many read it too, I think it should be given out to all schoolchildren, though maybe it is and I don't know, but you're right, it is well written.
And thank you for commenting :hug:
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:heart:sending you my loving thoughts
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Thank you, you are very kind :heart:
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so are you,Thelma . I sincerely hope that life still has many happy experiences for you !
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Hey Thelma, do you know who the author of this poem is?
Because I think it is a very powerful poem, and I would like to include it in my poetry study. I had a look on google but no such luck yet lol.

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I know it's too late for this info but [link] There are various theories about who wrote it ^^
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I'm sorry I don't know at all, they are given out at drug clinics. It is definitely powerful, and of course, it seemed right to post it while my daughter was ill.
I'm sure it would be okay if you just took this one and used it. I took the view that if they give these out to thousands of junkies, surely they wouldn't mind who showed it where, if you know what I mean :hug:
As far as I'm concerned, please feel free to copy or print this one :heart:
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[link] There are various theories about who wrote it ^^
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