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Nick and Judy - Zootopia/Psychopass 02

A sequel to my Zootopia/Psychopass crossover picture that I did last year featuring Nick and Judy with both of them armed with dominator guns.
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If this is the cover art for the film I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Zootopia 2.

So in this world, Nick is something like a ''Latent Savage''?
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I love zootopia
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Excellent one here.
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Awesome work!! 
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Hah, I see the rings on their fingers =3

nice work, man.
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Your welcome :3
Keep up the good work
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you're welcome :)
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This is very good, I appreciate your talent.
Personal note: I must watch Psychopass again, it's by far a masterpiece.
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Thanks! And yeah I find Psychopass to be a remarkable show in my books as well.
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Awesome job ans i ship it
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Two newest operators in Rainbow 6
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