LGBTQ+ Friendly Wings of Fire Server!

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Hello everyone! Are you a member of the Wings of Fire fandom? Do you want to write, draw, and talk about your favorite dragons in a communal, safe space? Then l have the place for you! I created this server because as a queer guy, I was kind of put out by the amount of homophobic remarks that I was getting on some of my art pieces. So I created this server to be a hub for any and all fandom creators who wish to congregate and thrive in a safe, friendly community! Artists, writers, oc creators, etc, all can come and share their work and discuss their ideas here!

(Cishet allies are more than welcome, by the way! This is just supposed to be a non-judgmental area for content creators. All are welcome, as long as they are kind!)

Invite link below!:

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Even though I don't have Discord or follow you, thank you for making this :3