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Hollow Knight Gijinka: The Hollow Knight


Watched a playthrough of Hollow Knight, was inspired to try my hand at gijinkas (ft my new sad fav)

If you can’t read my handwriting, the notes say 

-Part void demon

-Only face is white

-Wears mask to convince people horns are part of costume

-Segmented carapace covers soft, segmented void skin

-’Mouth’ sealed shut (with rippable skin’), feeding opening in throat

-Both mouths open (infected pic)

-Baby Hornet (sibling pic)

And the cover over the mouth is supposed to hide the fact that there’s no visible mouth opening, which is terrifying to some, and the dots in the upper righthand pic’s eyes are reflections, not actual pupils

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Why does baby hornet look so manly?

Great job btw
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Bc my only experiences with babies that young were that they all looked like potatoes XD Thank you!