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Well, I suppose now is as good a time as any for the re-launch of TheList. So in this post, I'll be explaining exactly what this group is and what it now aims to do.

Originally, this group was used as a sort of directory for deviantArt clubs. (You know, those things we had before groups!) It was extremely effective back in its day and had quite a big footprint here on the site. Over 1,800 clubs were hand listed complete with icons, links, descriptions, and organized by category. I can only imagine what the original admins had to do to make it all happen. Later when dA introduced Groups, they included an automated directory that had every group listed and categorized. Needless to say, that made groups like TheList mostly irrelevant. TheList fell through the cracks as the admins shifted their focus to new and exciting projects.

Recently, I came along and adopted TheList with a totally new plan for it. Imagine journal features... in group format. A collection of the best art here on dA. It's the kind of group that you watch because you are actually interested in the art, not because you want to promote something. Deviations are hand requested. Nothing is submitted. That way, only the best of the best get through to your inbox.

So what do you do now? Not much. Just click the +Watch button and enjoy the elite selection of art in your inbox. =D
Hello everyone! If you're reading this, then you are one of the few remaining active watchers of TheList. For those who don't know me, my name is Daniel and I've recently acquired the group in an effort to revive it and put it to good use. I want to be completely upfront with everyone who is still watching. I plan to completely overhaul this group and build it up to be something totally different than its original purpose. As the former owner has said before, +Groups now makes this group completely redundant, so I don't see an issue repurposing it.

I hope that you will stick around for the new future of TheList! More updates will be posted in the coming days. Have questions? Send me a note or leave it in the comments down below.

Thanks for your continued support,

P.S. Just for my own curiosity, could you please add a comment below if you are reading this? I'd really like to know how many people are still watching this group enough to be reading this :)

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