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  • Listening to: my "robots behaving badly" mix
  • Reading: Passion by Lauren Kate...or trying to--it's...bad
  • Watching: Breaking Bad, season 1
  • Playing: Fallout 3
  • Eating: M&Ms
  • Drinking: coffee
If I wasn't such an obsessive proofer, I might have missed this.  Gothology's "The Belfry Twins," a short comic I collaborated on with an old friend of mine, Ashley Witter, was featured just today on the anthology's website.  This is most likely due to the very recent release that Ash's until-now "super secret mystery project" is an adaptation of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire.  I'm very, very proud of her, despite our current...distance.

Anyway, it's always lovely to get some press.  The feature can be found >here<, and Ashley's interview at Publisher's Weekly is >here<.

Oh, and I suppose she still updates her dA page occasionally: :iconwitta:
  • Listening to: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex soundtrack
  • Reading: The Well of Lonliness (Radclyffe Hall)
  • Watching: Castle, season 3
  • Playing: Dungeons &amp; Dragons 3.25
  • Eating: Dove caramel milk chocolate promises
  • Drinking: White Winter Winery cyser
Once upon a time--maybe seven years ago--I started messing around on dA.  I mostly drew then, albeit not very well.  After college I began to focus exclusively on my writing, tackling legitimate prose for the first time, and I had so much fun with it I completely forgot about the doodling.  I'm finally going back to school for graphic design, as I'd planned all those years ago; so, I'm starting here again as well.  One part writing portfolio, one part drawing practice...hold onto your hat, but don't hold your breath.