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Leon Pose

Something I'm fairly happy with. 

I have rare moments when I can nail a pose so yeah

Leon (C) Me
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Hey LionWarrior =)

I really like how you have the lighting going on here. I know this is a fast drawing (and good lines by the way), but it would have been nice to use shadows to also help emphasize the form as well =)

*Note* What software do you use to do your coloring and drawings in? :?
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Ahh wow...
Firstly, thank you for coming to my slice of the internet. 
Secondly, Thank you for the words of encouragement too. And in terms of the shadows I've been studying real life lighting and noticing how certain areas can become almost black so I will try to include that in my art.

And I use Paint Tool SAI for everything, from lineart to colouring. I don't really have a lot of money so I can't really afford anything more fancy. 
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I am happy to have been able to stop by =)

Does Paint Tool SAI allows you to do layers too? Layers are a great way to do shadows and lights.

I am a firm believer that anyone can do awesome things with the tools that are available to them, and so far you already made leaps and bounds in your art.
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haha yeah ^^

SAI does allow layers, someone suggested shade and luminance settings for shadows and lighting respectively

But thank you for your words of encouragement. I've been following your art for a while and you are a real inspiration to me ^^ 
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Excellent job on this dude! :D

Nice one on the muscles pose
also awesome color use.
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haha cheers man, i think this was before i crashed and burned X3
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Stop Drop and Roll! lol X3
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Adorable? why do people think my art is adorable X3 i want it to be sexy *draws more and fast*
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''Warning a sample "Awesome" comment appear ''
Awesome ! What time for made this draw ? :3
TheLionWarrior's avatar
"What time for made this draw ?" could you rephrase that X3
Lucasso972's avatar
Ah... What time for draw this !?
(Sorry I'm bad in english<:3 )
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ahh haha i don't remember how long it took to draw. Maybe a couple hours stretched over a few days
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