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Please read these rules before submitting any artwork either into our gallery or favorites.


:bulletgreen:Of course you can, simply click on ''join'' and you're in! ;P


:bulletgreen: Any TLK artwork, canon/semi-canon and original FELINES characters (expecially lions) done in any media/quality is accepted.

:bulletred: We will not accept any of-topic art as manga fanarts, canines or horses! This is a The Lion King fan club, let's stay on topic!


:bulletgreen: TLK fanarts will be accepted, and sometimes feline artwork too, but of a certain quality and on-topicness.

:bulletred: NEVER submit any deviations featuring canines, horses, fishes, etc. or some off-topic manga deviations if it's not TLK related!

Thanks for your understanding!

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ShiniingStar's avatar
But can I do comics using other animals, like Hyenas, Zebras and etc?
Ember-Wolf365's avatar
i wanted to join so i clickd it and my request was declined...:(
Ashleh's avatar
I would like to join but it says join requests are closed. </3
Not-too-ordinary's avatar
Will a picture with like, a cub and a zebra talking be accepted? Not like I would ever draw that, Im just curious lol :)
Kamis-Cafe's avatar
Oh of course it would ;P
sielikai's avatar
Submitting a feline thingy; get rid of it if it's not welcome :)
ashleg4ever's avatar
hehe....who aould put dogs in here?! xD i mean come on its a lion king club!
StrayOfTheMonth's avatar
Well, there are the hyenas.
ashleg4ever's avatar
yus, but theres a rather large line between dog and heyena anatomy, e.g the shape. But you have a very valid point there^^
Kamis-Cafe's avatar
I know right? I've even had to say no to some Naruto(human) fanart....:O
ashleg4ever's avatar
god excuse this but....some pepole are dumb as muck!!!>.<
see ya could sort o get away with submiting stuff like hyenas wich are dog ish things or a pic of your charrie and a person(within reason...e.g: i gots a cheetah who was taken as a cub and hand reared so if i was to do a pic of her and her 'owner' it would most probley be accepted^^)
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