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Welcome to TLK-Mega! A Fan group dedicated to Disney's The Lion King!
Here we encourage artists to create and share works of art in tribute to TLK. We only accept original art. Some things can be referenced, but never traced, or stolen. We accept Digital and traditional art!. No photographs of your toy collection, or manipulated photos of a lion to look like one of the characters.
Just good old fashioned, hand drawn art!

So come on in and join this group if you love TLK!

Founded 12 Years ago
Mar 1, 2010


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Fan Club

1,314 Members
1,465 Watchers
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Timon and Pumbaa The Animated Series




Welcome to TheLionKing-Mega! We are a Fan-Group dedicated to the Lion King franchise.

Membership is open on a request basis!

What we DO allow:

:bulletgreen: Original Content: All submissions must be your own artwork. This means no bases, traced/copied/heavily referenced work, photomanips/screenshot manips, etc (including backgrounds straight from movie screenshots). The work you submit must be 100% your own artwork (this includes DA stamps, signatures for forums, etc). If you have permission to use something that you did not make in a submission, you must provide proof.
:bulletgreen: Rating: We will allow artwork up to what would be considered a PG-13 rating. Please refer to this website if you're unsure.
:bulletgreen: Characters: Submissions may only contain Canon, Semi-Canon, Deleted/Conceptual or specific fan-made characters that can fit into the franchise. For a list of all characters within the franchise, refer to these three pages for reference.
:bulletgreen: Artistic Mediums: We allow all mediums except for photographs (such as photographs of merchandise).

What we DO NOT allow:

:bulletred: No random Original Characters (OCs)
:bulletred: No stolen artwork
:bulletred: No graphic imagery of either violent or sexual nature.
:bulletred: No crack pairings.
:bulletred: No crossovers
:bulletred: No humans
:bulletred: No adoptables/YCHs/etc.
:bulletred: No advertisement submissions or journals for any reason
:bulletred: No sprite edits from the video games or screenshot edits from the movies

Where to Submit:

Submissions must be submitted to their correct corresponding folders to be accepted (they will be rejected if they're wrong; DO NOT submit to the Featured Folder). Each folder has information on the left hand side of what is allowed in that folder. The categories are as follows:

:bulletblue: TLK1: submissions depicting characters from The Lion King only.
:bulletblue: TLK2: submissions depicting characters from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride only.
:bulletblue: TLK1 Half: Submissions depicting characters from The Lion King 1 1/2 only.
:bulletblue: Books and Comic Characters: Submissions depicting characters from various TLK-related books and comics only, such as Kopa or Malka.
:bulletblue: Deleted Characters and Concepts: Submissions depicting characters that were removed or never made it past concept stage from early drafts of the movies only, such as Mheetu or Banagi. Can also include scrapped scenes or plot points.
:bulletblue: Extended Family Tree: Submissions depicting fan-made characters that are grandparents, parents or children of canon or semi-canon characters (characters MUST look like they belong within the movie canon; no 'sparklelions'). Children of existing characters that would never have existed (such as fan-made children of Scar) or go beyond Kovu & Kiara's children's generation are not allowed.
:bulletblue: Cubbified: Submissions depicting official characters in a younger state (Mufasa, Sarabi, Any other adults as cubs/teens/etc.) , or events that took place before the first movie.
:bulletblue: MixedUP: Submissions depicting any canon or semi-canon characters from different portions of the franchise together (such as Kopa and Nuka together).
:bulletblue: Comics and FanFics: Fan-made comics and fanfics depicting canon, semi-canon or fan-made characters (as allowed, see below) in stories relating to the franchise.
:bulletblue: Backgrounds: Submissions that are strictly backgrounds Inspired by the film. (please make sure to askand credit the original artists if the let you use them! Do NOT steal these backgrounds!).
:bulletblue: Misc Animals: Submissions depicting canon or semi-canon 'background' animals, or other African animals that existed within the franchise that are not part of the main cast of characters.
:bulletblue: Timon and Pumbaa The Animated Series : A folder dedicated to the animated TV series that ran from 1996-1999. In this folder, you may submit fanart of characters that appeared on the TV show. Including the tiger named The Tigress, Tatiana the Meerkat, Pumbaa Jr the alligator. And so on and so forth.
:bulletblue: TLK On Broadway: Art depicting the characters as they appear in the live musical should be placed in this folder.
:bulletblue: The Lion Guard: Art depicting characters featured in The Lion Guard movie and TV series. Pictures of TLK2 characters must include Kion or other TLG characters in order to go into this folder.

Don't be afraid to Note us with any questions you may have!
Hello everyone,
Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm currently the only active admin around, and seeing as I've got some major life things going on at present consisting of working a full time job in front of a computer and wedding planning, I'm not going to be able to continue my admin-y duties for a currently unknown period of time.
So until we can get maybe one or two more active staff members here (will discuss with DJ at a later date once things settle more), the staff are officially on hiatus.
I may still be able to answer questions, but will not be accepting any submissions for the time being.  I'm sorry if this is a problem, but real life always comes first and we hope you all will understand.
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