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i am working on fixing this up a little and making some mutations for them and such

misfit breed sheet

this is really the first breed i made up
if you want one please just for now breed one with one of mine ok just to start it off ( will let the first few of them be pure blood foals if you want one )

misfit outlines ( misfit foal lines by theliondemon-kaimra ) please use this when making them ok

history of the breed:
the first ones got turned into horses by a spell they both where so different and one was a vampire before she was turned into one she is still immortal and her blood line are as well and fast.  the other was a part Al Bhed and part Guado her blood line are vary smart and can use some magic. they spent a few years as horses they both had some foals of there own and so fare do not know how to turn back into what they where before.
the breed showed up here in alaska and people where scared of them at first more so with the white and red mare as she was not the most nice of them.
but even she calmed down after sometime the only known foal was given birth from misuko and it was a little filly. but she has had a few more after that
there is still not to much known about this new breed as of yet

base coloring's:
they can be any colors common ones are white ,bay ,chestnut ,gray. and tho's kind of colors
rare ones are black, albino, Cremello, and blue , pink
if you want like a odd color horse ask ok its not rare but uncommon 

they can be any build 

marking: they can be anything  but there is always some kind of markings on them that is not normal even if its vary small ( in less that how i made it)


this is what the water horses look like  misfit water horse adopt closed by theliondemon-kaimra

there is a rare gene that will show up now and then that will make a foal pure blooded and they will have a better chance of having a foal with this gene as well ( i am only allowed to say if they are or not dont want every one making one like that XD so if you breed a horse with this gene let me know and i will tell you if the foal is pure bred ok ^_^)


you have to register them ok just so i know what ones are there and others can find them as well
send me a note and i will register them alright ( for the most part i will add them to a list of others for now as i need a breed sheet for them XD but if i make them i will go and add them just let me know when you have drawn them ok so i can add that ref)
you have to make a ref for them with in 30 days or it will be put back up for adopt

breeding, if there is a parent with wings or horns or things like that let me see it ok i will most likely say its ok just want to take a look 
and i would like to see the foals or foal if you make them ( as i kind of suck at it XD ) or the breeding picture to make sure you really did breed one.
and you can not breed ones that are related. by at lest 4 generations for now ( i dont normally let any of mine at are related breed but seeing as there is only a few misfits right now i will let this pass the owner of the other still can say no if they wish and again i am letting a few foal be pure so this breed can get a kick start )

if you have a misfit thats less then half it can not breed misfits in less bred to another horse with misfit blood or with the rare gene this breed has that allows the horse to have a pure bred foal. 

darkling breed sheet 

darking breedsheet by theliondemon-kaimra

Darkling Outlines by theliondemon-kaimra
 new outlines

i did this a long time ago i need to make a new one 

they can be any color the scales and parts with none are different shades of color like my female had white scales and a light gray face and tummy. there is always 2 or 3 other colors in the scales in random places and the feather like tail can also have 2 or 3 colors  and can be shaded together ( see pic below)

the males tend to be darker colors my male one has black scales and a gray face and its the same things as the mares just darker colors.
and the mares are light colors most of the time

they can be any color look at the sheet there eyes look a little different. and the area thats white on thees is black.
rare trait is two toned eyes ether a different color on one side or a heterchromia (Two toned eye)

they tend to be black and gray colors. seeing a colored one is a rare trait

they tend to have long legs and are thin but have muscles 
rare ones
ask me first if you want to make a albino one they only have vary little color or none at all and pink eyes and feet even the boys

there is a vary rare one for the girls as well a dark colored one 

wingling breed sheet ( will work on a new name at some point)

Wingling Lineart by theliondemon-kaimra

they can be any color. the webbing are most of the time a light color. darker ones are a little bit uncommon

any shade of colors. there is always some kind of marking next to there eyes

they can have any kinds of markings and can go onto the tail and wings and the webbing as well
and can have normal horse markings as well if you wish

the spikes on the from legs do not get vary big. the one on the lower front leg you do not have to have on your horse and the ones on the back legs have a webbing between them. and the webbing is the same color as the ones on the wings.
there is a spike on the butt as well that is optional as well

wing and tail:
they can not fly but the wings help them jump vary fare. and the tail keep growing throughout there lives and the webbing is the same color as the rest of the webbing and the webbing is see through. it can be any color

mane and feet:
the mane is sort of like soft spikes the will bend a little so you could put gear on them without hurting them. they are 2 or 3 colors.
the feet are normally 2 colors one normal color and one around the tone of its webbing. it may be a little different tho

thy can be any kind of build.

albino ask me first as they are rare.

albinos have light pink eyes and there body is almost completely white with no markings or just the one mark next to the eye and even that is a light gray. 
the webbing on them can sparkle a little. and there hoves are pink as well.
the mane can still have some color but only light ones

vary rare ones can have a light bluegreen color on them instead of the pink no one is sure as to why or how that is able to happen but it has with one so fare 

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I'd love a Vampire!
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take a look at the group theres more to the breeds now XD
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ok just note me at the group for them with what you want and all the info is there…
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yeah or i got some adopts of them open just look at the group
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there not free XD they dont cost much tho
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I want to get a vampire one but I'm broke.
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XD one way i found to get points easily is go here dAhub and dATrade you can get a few points for faving art and giving out lamas and stuff like that ^_^.
and i am going to do a few for draw to adopt soon as well once i get some art caught up XD
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I already got all the points I could from them.
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i think the most that the misfits are is 10 points XD.
you can also get one from a breeding as well
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So sorry, but what do I need if I want one??
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well theres a group for the misfits. what ones where you looking at?
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If I
could have one, it will be like this:…
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well you got to join the group and i think that one the price says a full body picture ask them
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wrong comment sorry XD there is some up for adopt and now a group for them
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i think there is some adopts in the group or there some up for breeding and that kind of thing
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