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  • Oct 18
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My Bio
Ghost Badge - Wrangler

Favourite genre of music: i like a lot of difrent ones

Favorite cartoon character: hiccup and toothless

Personal Quote: you cant change enything about me so its beter for you if you dont even try

Favourite Visual Artist
the person that draw's elfquest i think its wendy pini
Favourite Movies
eragon. brave haert . dbz wrath of the dragon . and more
Favourite TV Shows
sonic , pokemon, ben 10, 1000 ways to die, once upon a time,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
pink . korn . linkin park . cradile of filth. and more
Favourite Books
rise of the guardians
Favourite Games
jak and daxter games kingdom hearts
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
a pecile and colord pencels and photoshope

To do list

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just a list of what i have to do XD this should help me keep track if i own you something let me know please lol sorry i had to update this i had a cold and was not doing arts <_< let me know if i forget something i will add it sense i had forgot to update this in a sec and putting it back on my front page so i see it more XD Journals i need unis i need to design or ref holy heck shedu cubs to design commissions open Art of my OC's just journals of mine pony info To Do List --------- all under here done 15 of these boucles for slots to them ------- 12 of him to adopt a foal 5 mp for both V485 Saylor I414 Chaos for a slot to
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foal trade

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so i looking for ones i missed xD i missed that i want are candy, Tarot are the most wanted then theres molten first foal is Bread Amber Cream Sabino Aura (classic peach carrier) (Rapunzel or Wisp) ee/Aa/nCr/nCh/nPch/nSb/nAu/nEvBr/(R or W) or Vampire Bread Dominant White on Buckskin Pearl Céleste Sabino Wisp Nuage Motif (modern peach, modern bonbon carrier) (Rapunzel or Wisp) ee/Aa/Crprl/nPchm/nbonm/Rcr/Ww/nSb/EvBrEvV/nNuS/nFrm/(R or W) Birthstone: Shine ID: A531 Height: 15hh Type: Classique Gender:Up to owner Rolled for optional Wisp mane type! Rolled for Shine inherited breeding anomaly(ies)! parents: cotton candy rose and monster mash --------------- second foal Twin No. 2 trades this one -------------- last foal Spooky Bread Modern Tropical Overo ee/aa/nPchm/nbonm/nO/EvBrEvSp or Spooky Bread Modern Creme Overo Extended Étoile (Rapunzel) ee/aa/nPchm/nO/EvBrEvSp/nEtex/(R) Birthstone: Angel Quartz OR X-ray Stone ID: Z395 Height: 18hh Type: Classique Gender:Up to
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want to get my fish some brine shrimp eggs sense he still wont eat but need moneys to do this so i need to get a new filter for my fish the one on his tank my mom was nice enough to get me but the filter is to strong for him i found one i like but it will cost me around 30$ designs : not complicated ones 5$ little harder 10$ and then other ones will be 15 to 20$ designs i have done most are posted here slots very in price and with boucles this will be if it fails you get another slot if they have one open i still have this for these ones and as for art we would have to talk a little to know how much XD ot like with boucles if its mp it could be based on how much mp/bp
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Donation Pool

pay for adopts and breading slots

i want to get a year long sub

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It's October 18th which means it's that time of year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team.

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