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Juniperfang ref + Small vent by thelilcatus Juniperfang ref + Small vent :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 2 0 elliot by thelilcatus elliot :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 1 0 lineless kitty by thelilcatus lineless kitty :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 2 1 Crimsonsight by thelilcatus Crimsonsight :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 3 1 I tried drawing with DA muro and it was the worst by thelilcatus I tried drawing with DA muro and it was the worst :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 0 0 Bow - Request by thelilcatus Bow - Request :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 2 4 Kerrie [Request] by thelilcatus Kerrie [Request] :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 5 2 Momma bear by thelilcatus Momma bear :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 4 0 Scary boi [Littletalon] by thelilcatus Scary boi [Littletalon] :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 2 1 Healed [Yellowfang] by thelilcatus Healed [Yellowfang] :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 1 0 Art trade by thelilcatus Art trade :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 1 0 Spicedpear by thelilcatus Spicedpear :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 4 2 Moonpaw - 2018 by thelilcatus Moonpaw - 2018 :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 6 0 Don't sneeze [gift] by thelilcatus Don't sneeze [gift] :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 4 0 New style by thelilcatus New style :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 3 0 Human sketch #3 by thelilcatus Human sketch #3 :iconthelilcatus:thelilcatus 4 3



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Hello! I'm Myik. I've been drawing cats for about 2ish years, and am going into my freshmen year of highschool.
Currently I'm still trying to improve, feel free to critique any drawing I make!


Juniperfang ref + Small vent
This is a quick charrie I sketched up for a story concept. A few more main charries will show up for the same reasons. 
I'm keeping their story private because I'm using these for my yt ocs, they'll appear in animatics, memes, speedpaints, ect. I might make an animatic based story once i develop it more but that won't happen for a while. 
What I can share with you is; Juniperfang, 22 moons, medicine cat of Windclan, has relations in starclan and can communicate with his former mentor freely. 
Sorry for the lack of posting lately. After abandoning my request and taking a break, I realized how horrible my art used to be. After working on an animatic with a sloppy style, I drew this guy up. And I like where my art is headed. 
I don't plan on doing commissions, art trades, or request for a long time, and I might never do them again. 
unless you ask and i like you :DDDDDD 
aye finished my first animatic 
would mean a whole lot to me if ya'll checked it out! 
nothing like listening to the Rent soundtrack, editing an animatic, watching bob's burgers, and working on channel art all at the same time! 
I know ya'll are annoyed by my status updates. But this one is important
I opened request a while ago and got a few done that I enjoyed making. But the last 2 I can't bring myself to finish
I've been suffering artist block and have been stressing myself out to do these. And seeing as I'm not enjoying any of it I've decided to stop attempting.
If you were looking forward to one, I'm sorry. Maybe I'll pick them up in a while. But between Highschool and Home, I would rather be doing something I enjoy. If you have anything to say, please note me 
i like how instead of request I'm working on an animatic?
like rlly myik?
Friday, August 31, 2018
2:30 pm est 
  • Finish shading Crimsonsight request
  • Finish line work for glimmering Darkness
  • Sketch out Matthew request 
  • sort out new art supplies

  • Eating: P


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