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Miana of Wennith



I'm getting quite addicted to this trilogy by Mark Laurence, The Broken Empire. I'm already at the third book and I'm horribly, terribly sad that it's about to end (although I heard that the author is working on a new trilogy so, YAY!). The narrative is just superb and something incredibly fresh. I don't usually like first person books much, but this one offers a look into a very interesting mind, so interesting that I don't mind reading in first person pov at all. And the character development - it's amazing. You actually get to see how the main character, Jorg, grows and changes in his thinking. 

Anyway, I'd have loved to draw Makin or Jorg, but I suck at drawing males. So I'll draw my favorite female character instead: Miana. She just came as such a great surprise to me. I honestly thought she wouldn't be able to hold a candle to Katherine, that she would be something of a doormat, a wallflower, but then the way she handled herself - whew! And at the end of book two! Wow. XD I don't want to spoil anything, but damn, watch out for this little lady. 

I love reading about her in book 3 too, about how her relationship with Jorg develops. :) And Katherine's there too, so she adds extra spice. I honestly don't know how this will end. XD Ah, I want to draw Katherine too!
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Just finished Emperor of Thorns.  Mianna is one of my fav characters.  I love her attitude XD.  I think you captured her quite well here :thumbsup: