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Welcome to The Life of The Clans!


Clan News

:bulletpurple: Ceremonies/Gatherings
:bulletpink: Mysterious
:bulletblack: Deaths
:bulletblue: Births
:bulletgreen: Good
:bulletorange: VIN ( Very Important News )
:bulletred: Bad


:bulletorange::bulletred::bulletblack::bulletpink: Voletooth is dead and a horrible illness is spreading in SettingClan!

:bulletorange::bulletblack::bulletred: We have discovered that our medicine cat Goldensoul has passed away. Since he didn't have an apprentice, we are now without a medicine cat!


:bulletorange: Clearstar has called for a calling of stones to decide if they are moving camps

:bulletorange::bulletblack::bulletred: A tree has fallen in camp. After regrouping, a few cats seem to be missing.

:bulletpurple: :bulletgreen: Duskclan welcomes its newest warriors Shimmerdance, Russetfang, and Lostspirit! We also welcome Seedfeather as a full medicine cat!

:bulletpurple: :bulletgreen: Duskclan welcomes its newest warriors. Bluewing, Tailchaser and Puddleheart!


:bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Nightclan welcomes it's newest warriors, Sunfire, Dappledream, Talonstreak, Deerpatch, and Hollyfall!

:bulletorange: The war is over and the borders are restored. While we are glad our quarrel is over, Settingclan will never be our friend.


:bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Silentclan welcomes its newest warriors Loudstorm, Fernsong, Icewing, Snowstep, Frostfire, Skywing, Hazelfeather, Creekwillow, Eveningtide, Raccoontail, Tigercloud, and Whisperwhisker!

:bulletgreen: The badgers have been defeated and we are recovering nicely.

Click on a character pixel to see their app

:bulletgreen:DuskClan is OPEN!:bulletgreen:
Clearstar Murkysky
Leader: Clearstar (EternalFyr)
Deputy: Murkysky (Dragoonroot)
Medicine Cat: Whispercreek (WingsThePhoenix)

Settingclan RP
:bulletred:SettingClan is CLOSED!:bulletred:
Leader: Boulderstar (GPIsMyWannabe)
Deputy: Briarmoss (Shiningstarofwinter)
Medicine Cat: N/A
Nightclan RP
:bulletred:NightClan is CLOSED!:bulletred:
Leader: Darkstar (TheArtNarwhal)
Deputy: Falconstep (RoarTigerRoar)
Medicine Cat: Birchpetal (Hawk-ii)

Silentclan RP
:bulletgreen:SilentClan is OPEN!:bulletgreen:
Leader: Treestar (NerdWithADog)
Deputy: Northwind (LaurenBlu)
Medicine Cat: Valerianleaf (NPC)

Your destiny awaits you...

Make sure to come visit the Clans again!
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It is currently cold in the Clans, with white and freezing powder called "snow" littered all over the ground on some nights.


We do not hold tryouts for high ranks. This includes all of them; from leaders to medicine cat apprentices. All of these ranks are admins, and chosen when they are needed by the existing admins.

Please do not leave comments asking to be the medicine cat/medicine cat apprentice!

Your Mods!




:icondragoonroot: :iconshiningstarofwinter:
:iconshatterkirin: TBA

Medicine Cats



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Thank you!


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