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Soul Eater Cursor Set

EDIT: I just realized I accidentally made an extra resize arrow called Soul Eater Resize 2_Soul1.cur

not sure what that's doing there, but there's no pair and I'm too lazy to fix it. XP

Also -- if you don't recognize it, the Precision Select one is Justin's necklace.

omg I should be studying for Finals AHHAHA

I recently got a free cursor maker (RealWorld Cursor Editor) and I AM LOVING IT. God it's so addicting!!

So, here's my first set! X3 It's based on the anime, Soul Eater, and look at all those resize arrows! LOL

I couldn't think of just one arrow design that was good, so I made a set of 4 for Maka, Soul, Kidd, and Black Star (sorry Liz Patty, Tsubaki, etc fans).

I haven't even finished watching the series yet. Urgh (summer!!)

You can use the SE logo for a normal cursor, or you can use the Scythe, it doesn't matter. I made the Scythe for the 'handwriting' select, but really, when does that thing even show up!?

Well, anyways: Enjoy! :3

If you're using Windows XP:
- go to Control Panel > Hardware > Mouse > Pointers
- Make sure you saved your files in one place that you won't delete
- Double click on a pointer and a window will pop up
- Find the pointer icon that you want to make your new pointer (for that type of pointer: Ex. Normal Select, Help Select, etc.) and double click it or hit OK or whatever
- Repeat this for all the pointers on the Mouse window
- At the top, save it as a Scheme (Save as... > Name it here) and then it'll be a Scheme that you can open whenever you want (You don't have to do this, but I like to)
- hit OK and your cursor should be changed!!

If you're using Vista:
- right click on the desktop
- Appearances and Settings (Or Properties? Or something?)
- A window will pop up, click on Mouse.
- Do the same thing as described above!

Tools: RealWorld Cursor Editor, Touchpad (lol)
Soul Eater (c) Squeenix
© 2009 - 2022 thelifeofabinder
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Omfg thank you so much! ;v;
xxmybrokenangelxx's avatar
I love this, it's perf!
TheNightSpectator's avatar
I told myself I would not download anymore cursor sets due to the fact last time I had installed cursors I lagged...
but the Soul in the form of a Scythe cursor is drawing me in ._.
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How would you do it for Windows 8.1? Cause nothing is working for me.
jacdhalina's avatar
You just go into control panel, search for "cursor", click on mouse, then the "Pointers" tab, and then you browse for the cursor you want and hit OK.
Rivit12's avatar
For a strange reason it wont let me. IT wont find the cursors you made, I have that picture thing downloaded to my laptop but it refuses to use it
jacdhalina's avatar
Here, I just made you a tutorial real quick, just look at it.
Sorry it speeds up or something, I believe my video recorder had a problem.
Rivit12's avatar
Thank you very much. Now I have death the kids logo lol
Where and How do I get these?
jacdhalina's avatar
Click the download button on the right. After that, just look at the instructions in the description.
Rainbow-Neko-chan's avatar
plz make one for ubuntu, plzzz
drinktee's avatar
i have been looking for this... -cries happy tears-
EviIBoyGenius's avatar
Im using the Scythe... AND I FUC*ING LOVE IT!!!! (make more of the weapons (like Tsubaki, Patty/Liz ETC))
KandyRainbow's avatar
this is amazing ok
Pixel-Byte's avatar
Just started using them- THESE ARE SO COOL!
missrogostar's avatar
love873's avatar
Aww what about win 7?
jacdhalina's avatar
Lol, they're just generic cursor files. They should work on all Windows Operating Systems, as far as I know. She/he just didn't specify the steps in the description.
VictoryStarLollipop's avatar
Love it, right now curently snazzing up my cursors. And this is the first, good cursor pack I've seen. Great job
Timeala12's avatar
What if you using the normal windows and not windows XP?
jacdhalina's avatar
It still works. She just didn't write the directions for the "normal windows" version you're using.
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