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SP: Kyle Cursor Set

I'm just gonna put this up really quick before I go back to studying! :D

Set of cursors for your computah for anybody that wants to use it!

This is Kyle Broflovski from South Park and the base image is :iconemixoo:'s icon (as you can tell from her icon).

The set includes a cursor for everything, so don't worry. The picture just shows the 4 main ones.

So anyways -- Enjoy!

If you're using Windows XP:
- go to Control Panel > Hardware > Mouse > Pointers
- Make sure you saved your files in one place that you won't delete
- Double click on a pointer and a window will pop up
- Find the pointer icon that you want to make your new pointer (for that type of pointer: Ex. Normal Select, Help Select, etc.) and double click it or hit OK or whatever
- Repeat this for all the pointers on the Mouse window
- At the top, save it as a Scheme (Save as... > Name it here) and then it'll be a Scheme that you can open whenever you want (You don't have to do this, but I like to)
- hit OK and your cursor should be changed!!

If you're using Vista:
- right click on the desktop
- Appearances and Settings (Or Properties? Or something?)
- A window will pop up, click on Mouse.
- Do the same thing as described above!

Tools: RealWorld Cursor Editor
Kyle Brof (c) Matt n' Trey
base image (c) ~emixoO
The picture: [link]
© 2009 - 2022 thelifeofabinder
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Here's how to use this on Windows 10:

Download the file, extract it to desktop, double click it, go to control panel, click mouse, click pointers, click browse, copy and paste all of the cursors from the downloaded file into the file with all of the default cursors, and choose each downloaded cursor to replace each default cursor.
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How do you use it on windows 10? Well, can you use it on windows 10?

Edit: Nvm I found a tutorial.
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You know nayeera-ko wants this
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Aww, It's really cute
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Oh my god this is awesome! Thanks so much
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It is cute,is the bad is the icons is so small,and so hard to know what that mean,the most is the link
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I don't know if this has already been ask... buuuut do you have a Kenny version? If not you should totally hella do one :o
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im actually using this atm xD
soooo cute
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--my current cursor--
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Can you make a Kenny one?
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Thank you very much. It's awesome.
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Thank you very much!
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Oh my God, this is the cutest thing EVER. I must use it. NOW.
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These are so cute! Thank you!
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Great cursors! :hug: I really like them. Good work!!!
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NVM! OMG it's so cute! :D
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this is late--but do you remember how to do it for windows 7??
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it's basically the same as vista
download the file, put it on your desktop, extract the file
then go to control panel, click mouse, click pointers, and click browse
a window should pop up. click on the dropdown menu and click on the folder w/ the cursors in it, then theres another folder in the folder. click on that too.
then just choose the cursors, and there you go!! ^v^
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this was.... almost 5 years ago...... you can look up a tutorial
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This is so awesome! I'm using it :meow:
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