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Rumiko Sketch

I wanna to do something a bit new and different yesterday. I haven't drawn a lot of anime/manga-styled stuff and I wanted to draw a character who was a bit cold and abrasive. This is the result.

I call her Rumiko. The main concept was around the eyes, which make her look a bit bitchy (just as planned!). I didn't plan for her to become a fox youkai girl in the beginning. It just sort of played out that way when I decided she should have little pickle eyebrows. I didn't plan for the glasses either, but I tried them on and they do enhance her abrasive personality. I really like her hair. The little ends that curl like ribbon turned out pretty cute.

Still trying to figure out her colors, by the way.

Also, her name is a reference to Takahashi Rumiko.

Colored version here:…
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