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Submission Guidelines


Each moderator will use their own discretion when accepting or rejecting submissions. This means that their interpretations of the rules will be their guidelines. This does not make us bias and it doesn't mean we are against you. With that in mind, each moderator uses the same set of guidelines for submitting works to the club. The rules are:

Submissions must be Girl / Girl (lesbianism) related.
• This means they must show two girls together, as lovers or any other type of relationship other than just friends.
• We will accept clear portrayals of a female attracted to a non-interested female (lesbian crushes on straight girls).
• Pictures you drew of your girlfriend are NOT clearly showing Girl / Girl love.
• However, if you submit a picture you drew for your girlfriend of your characters tenderly cuddling, then it would be accepted.

Submissions must be Lesbian Pride related.
• This means it must show at least one character / person clearly showing off their lesbian pride.
• Characters/Pictures that do not clearly say (however not literally) I am a Lesbian will be rejected.
• Examples of rejected work would be wearing rainbow coloured clothing or accessories without clearly showing lesbian pride.
• Pictures you drew for your girlfriend of just her character is NOT clearly showing Lesbian Pride.
• However, if it was a picture of your girlfriend's character saying something sassy about being a Lesbian, then it would be.

Submissions must clearly show either Girl / Girl Love or Lesbian Pride.
• To be clear, submissions do not have to be both Girl / Girl Love and Lesbian Pride. They can just be one or the other.

In order for submissions to be accepted, all requirements that must be met for the work to be added to a gallery must be shown in the work itself without needing to be explained in the description. If the submission needs to be explained, it will not be accepted. The exception would be, if the staff member who is looking into the piece decides to take the description into account. This means that it is up to the staff members to decide if a piece is worth looking into the description in order to accept it.

o General lgbt art will not be accepted, please send these submissions to a general pride club.
• Exceptions of this would be fan art, stamps, or other deviations for Lesbian films or other media.

Yuri is allowed in this club.
• Yuri is defined as: A Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri can focus either on the sexual or the emotional aspects of the relationship, the latter sometimes being called shōjo-ai by western fans.
• Yuri that is based on two girls in a lustful situation is not accepted.

Work should be tasteful and appropriate.
• This means that work should not show two lustful girls having sexual intercourse, but instead soft and sweetly making love.
• This also means no pornography.
• There is a folder in the gallery for 18+ material; please submit all mature content there.

In general, all work should abide by deviantART rules. Please check out some of these FAQ's:
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?
FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic literature'; what do you consider this to be?
FAQ #305: Is posting 'Adult' oriented artwork alright if I censor it first?
FAQ #249: Are there restrictions on photographs of teenagers or children?
FAQ #284: Can we submit photographs showing actual injury, self-harm and mutilation?
FAQ #7: What is the policy concerning photographs of corpses, cruelty or death?
FAQ #12: deviantART doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?

o Screenshots are not accepted.
• This includes any game, especially The Sims.
• Plain screenshots from films are not allowed either.

Members are allowed to submit up to four submissions per week.
• This includes only accepted pieces; if your submission is rejected, you may submit another as long as you have no more than four accepted per week.
• Weeks restart on Monday at 00:00 (12:00 AM) CST time.
• Having submission limits helps to keep deviations from flooding other members inboxes.

o Series / Sets of deviations are to not be submitted.
• This means that if you have a series / set that you want to submit, you may only submit ONE that represents the series / set the best.
• If you want others to see the other deviations in the series / set, please link them in the description of the deviation you have chosen to best represent the series / set.
• There is a specified folder in the gallery for ongoing literature; this is where you can post the one submission that will represent the set/series for others to find it easier.

Submissions should be placed in their appropriate category.
• We have many folders to choose from and it makes it much easier if you place your work in the appropriate folder.
• The Submissions Committee is welcome to reject your works if not placed in the appropriate folder. These works are the only ones you may resubmit.

o The Featured folder is no longer available for members to post their work. However, work will still be placed there.
• The Submissions Committee is in charge of putting works in the Featured; pieces placed there are placed their because we feel they deserve extra recognition.
• You cannot request your work to be placed in the Featured folder, but if you feel your work should be placed in another folder please send a note to the group.

o Rejected submissions may not be resubmitted unless one of the Submission Committee Members lets you know otherwise.
• You may request to know why your deviations were rejected.
• Arguing with staff about why your submission was not accepted will not get you anywhere.

If you find a submission in the gallery that does not seem to fit these rules, feel free to send us a note and we will look into it.

Submission Guidelines are subject to change at any time.

Submission Guidelines were last updated on June 25, 2013.


These are our top affiliates. If you wish to view the rest of our affiliates, please check out our About Us Page.

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As there are not many queer fairy tales (King and King by Linda de Haan or Märchenhaft (Magically or Marvellous) by Ulrike Nolte) I would like to start a project: Let's create some lesbian fairy tales. Maybe with christmas content, maybe with general topics, as you wish. Maybe short, maybe longer, I want to let it open. You can contribute your fairy tale to the folder "Literature" and leave a comment with the linked title.

Please take a look to the license under which you want to publish it. With a creative commons license we can go on with illustrating the fairy tales in a new project, using our resources to translate them into different languages and do maybe some more. But I do not want to go on too far too early ;).

[edit] Some tips: 3rd person narration (omniscient point of view), a clear beginning and ending and a moral are recommended.
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hello we want to inform you that a member of your group here's link to your members group… is a art thief your rules say No stolen works if were right here's our proof that she is an art thief thank you for your in reading this important info of our  journal
Beware tracer and art thief discovered we discovered an art theif here do not trust her and we found out she traced over someones art and does not give credit to the base makers and boi she badly edits bases we might give link to who were talking about but here this is call out journal for what we found out (ps the thief and tracer found here goes the name ashtonvalentine we think thats her name) and this what we have to say she traced over someones art and she doesn't give credit to base makers we feel bad for what base maker for what they Deal its not hard to give credit to the base makers and keep watch on her and don't trust her and here's some examples of few traced stuff and theft she just done now and geez she badly edited bases and not to mention the bases she used from base makers she didn't not give credit to the base makers because that is a major rule when using a base always give credit the base makers cuz they worked hard on making the resource for others use for fun use for fun and can't find the pose there looking for or even can't think of the pose when trying to think up a pose ideas to draw or make and to help others use as a tool develop there art when there in beginner artiest journey they find the base and use it as tool practice drawing hair and clothes and or user the bases pose as a model for them reference from when they redraw a bases pose as there develop using that resource delevlop there own drawing style when drawing digitally and help develop there art style so we advise to report her for these things she's doing ,,,,,
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Werewolf lesbian fiction story here for those hungry for a queer shifter romance.

Howling Heart - Part 1†††††I've lived in this town my entire life. The walls of my world had always felt so closed in. Sure, the people were friendly here, but if they knew who I was, what I was deep down, they would hunt me. Life for me and my family would be uprooted and ruined. For the past almost twenty one years I've kept my secret to myself. I'm a shifter. †††††Not just any shifter though. No, that would be too easy. I found myself rolling my eyes often at the thought. I was the daughter of the alpha. Princess of the pack so to speak and with my birthday just a week off I was dreading it. †††††For anyone else in the pack it wouldn't matter. The others were allowed to be themselves. Love whoever they wanted. The only rule was that they could only have offspring with other wolves. Even if the wolf wasnít from our pack. You could screw whoever you wanted but breed with a human, and not only are they dead, but you are too. My father has no love for those he deems a traitor.† †††††My role was a little bigger. In one week my mate would be picked and my fate would be sealed for life. As future alpha of the pack I'd need not only the support but the capability to continue the line. Neither of which I was fond of.† †††††I took my time, stretching my body out in the grass, my hazel eyes watching the clouds waft past. As if the day would drag on as they lazily hug in the air. I hadn't realized that I was holding my breath, but I did notice the blood trickle down from my lip. A nervous habit I have when I'm over thinking. I had a lot to think about. I either had to find a mate, or my father would pick one for me.† †††††"Ava."† †††††Speaking of mates, Ronans voice pulled me from my cloud gazing. I picked myself up, grass stuck in my auburn hair that curled halfway down my back. His black skin was pulled tight over his muscles. He was one of the top pics for my mate. He was also my best friend.††††He crouched down beside me, his arms exposed in the summer light. "You okay? You've been out here all day. It's like you're waiting for the sun to explode." He laughed. His deep voice soothed me.† †††††He was born into the pack only a few months before I was. We had grown up together. He was more than my friend, he was my confidante and a protector. I had always thought he'd be the best choice but now as the days rushed at me, I realized I didn't want his young.† †††††It wasn't him. As far as people and wolves go he was beyond handsome. Just the thought of being with him, or any male right now made my stomach turn. I didn't want to be a mother. I had always focused on being the alphas replacement. I thrived in the pack and it fueled my leadership but this mate part put a damper on everything. I also had one more secret that I hid from the world. †††††I was a lesbian. †††††No one knew. Not even Ronan. Everyone just thought I was odd for not dating in high school. Most kids just assumed that I had a thing with Ronan but he kept himself involved with sports. They also didn't know pack rules.†† †††††"I feel like my head would explode before the sun will." I pushed myself to my feet and dusted the dead grass off my body. It had been a dry summer but we still had time for a few good storms. I sighed as Ronan helped me to my feet. He was a good foot taller than me, somewhere around six and a half feet. He dwarfed my just over five feet. †††††His hand rubbed his head. He had just cut his hair for the summer a week or so ago and the small curls were already creating a velvet feel. "Worried about next week?" †††††I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to hurt his feelings and I really just hoped that it would all just go away if I ignored it. I sighed again, a futile attempt to let the stress go. "Yeah." †††††Ronan placed a hand on my shoulder. "Ava, I'll support you no matter what choice you make. I'll always be here to protect you." He pulled me in for a hug and I embraced it. He was the big brother I never had. "Anyway, there's a meeting tonight, I wanted to make sure you knew." †††††I was good for missing the pack meetings. Pops always took it personally but really I just didn't always get the memo. I liked my alone time. "Thanks. I'll be there."† †††††"Then I'll see you tonight, unless you want to grab some dinner with me first?" His elbow dug into my side while he made his offer. †††††I couldn't help but laugh as he smiled. The man always knew how to make me feel better, that was for sure. "Sure, but you get to buy. Otherwise it would be a scandal." He laughed at the inside joke. We had always poked fun at our friendship. †††††"Deal."...
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