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CAUTION: if you made it before or knew it or don't have time, don't take care much, this is a challenge for yourself WHEN you want.

This is a challenge I tell you to try made for them wish try.

This is simpy, make your own pokemon fusion with 6, for make a complete team.
The creation will be your and take care to don't create the same of others, this is a challenge self about imagine how make 6 pokemon in one.
mine is :…

same if look simply, this is not.

This is only for fun and joke, proving yourself you can do it, most for them like or know pokemon.
You can refuse and if you accept, you don't have limit time.
The system for create a fusion of 2 is accepted because still you need create with 6 pokemon and I didn't use it, but please try don't take the same of others, that is like steal the idea, I won't do much because the objective is for your own, so you won't prove yourself.

Try make it, you will see is not easy.
Please share at who you want make them challenging.
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1. You must post the rules/tu dois poster les regles.
2. Each person must post 6 things about themselves in their journal/ tu dois poster 6 info sur toi dans ton journal.
3. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal/ tu doit choisire 11 personnes a tagguer,tu doit mettre leur icon.
4. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them/va sur leur page et dit leur qu'ils ont été taguer
5. No tag backs/ pas de retag sur quelqu'un
6. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people/ tag du monde, pas de tu es taguer si tu lis sa....

I'm a boy/je suis un garçon.
I have a life nothing easy/j'ai pas une vie facile.
Leo is the reflet of me or someone of me/Léo est le reflet de moi même ou quelqu'un de moi.
I'm a like alot sci-fi/j'aime énormément le sci-fi.
I'm someone in time silly and other serious/ Je suis quelqu'un parfois un peu bête et d'autre sérieux.
I Like help others/J'aimes aider les autres.

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Fekiikir everyone.
I want to say thanks you so much to everything you did for make what I'm.
I don't finish my travel et adventure dangerous, but you helped so much my big moment.…
Writing, wisdom and helping save my life.
The song is what I was, i'm not totally cure, but what seem impossible is now a old story.

I want do thanks for:
Akychan, Wyvrn, SilverMike, Icypaws, Dawn, Lapres, Nusko, WindSong, Yarlo, ViolettheWolf, Khat (little), Jerry, Nappa-yoshi, Zarian, Siris (little), Louinx, STBW, Veraldrisz, Yuki (little), Tenshi Hinanawi, Anubis, Edd (little), DokMixer, Bob Lennon (by humor), all musician who I heard (for reality), CKatrinet, Maerya, Nyn-the-treve, Mäask, Vavadidi, Fantasio974 (past), Bluestar (old lover losted), Alioe, Keelar, Louvinette, Tyroine, spacemaan, Yuna Moon, Tenshiryu, Dracokilmastilla, Zero ll wrathoss (old story, but not good end), to three or four I know IRL who gave me can be hear and sure my grand dad.

I thanks to every who made my life worst, I don't tell your name because you don't deserve, but the other side of medal about what made you is the dark side.
Is hard to say thanks, but that is better.

I have more to finish, but to say we are not so alone, just we have a passage story.
I vagabond and is what I'm.
Thankful to everyone.
Same if I give so much, I need you all.
I don't like be hugged, but give love is important.
I gave and give all I have, but I need you to survive.
Now I write and hope some will understand my message.
The life is crual, but is everyone who can make better.
Stop individualist and be together for a union unbroken.

Same one who can be a hero for one can be weak.
everyone is hero and everyone need others.
I was broken, I was chokin, I was bleeding, I was down and you save me.
Thanks simple plan.
I prayed god, but now is not god who can save me, is you all.
Same in down, your keeping hitting in to make me better is something who I say thanks.
Thanks to life who tried kill me for knew and meet you.
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So, I decided to beging try make some artifact to art.
Item like RPG game.
The picture won't be so good like the emblem i did, but i try to make a good to can imaginate.
I start to know if this will be not bad.
Is artifact with a little story, a description, material, power, weakness and all.
I try various my art, but the talent can't be various.
If one have interressing to get the artifact, because we have copyright, he need call me to see if I accept to your character will get this item.
I can accepting to make one item to others who have difficulty to create a complete.
But I will need sure know little what you want I create to don't be anything.

Thank to learn.
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So everybody.
I will make poem and story with calligraphy, this is maybe what i need to be better...
I have my feather ink and the ink, I know I won't be really good, but i can make something correct.
So I will need more time to work, because is not now just with computer.

Thanks to understanding.
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