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Adventures of the forgotten 1 by TheLeondude Adventures of the forgotten 1 by TheLeondude
The first chapter of a 25 chapter comic strip that I will be uploading daily. While it's a bit odd that I would celebrate the days leading up to my birthday by making a comic as dark as this but don't worry, there will be a happy ending. I consider it an end of an era, getting rid of old ideas in exchange for new ones, better ones.

Anyways, onto what this strip is about: A cataclysmic event known only as The Great Multiversal Collapse happened, which means that universes that were once disconnected from each other are now being merged into one, at the expense of that one universe being slowly destroyed, of course. This story follows how former superhero Mqueen Zoom, AKA Mark Queen (Oh hi, Mark) is living in this world. Just a heads up, in spite of appearances, no I did not base Zoom on myself (although when I originally conceived the idea when I was in primary school, at a very young age, Zoom was indeed a superhero identity of mine).

Ideas I had while making this:

Mqueen Zoom (animated superhero series I intended to make) 

TAWOTA Season 2 (which is probably different from an actual second season of TAWOTA if I were going to revive it, probably won't though)

Robot v Alien Combat War (game I made, only completed the demo, not making any more progress on the game)

Carnage Games (ultra violent video game I intended to make)

Phantasia High (animated fantasy series I intended to make)
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