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Eleanor Lamb cosplay

Eleanor Lamb in her Big Sister suit, from Bioshock 2.

All is handmade from scratch by me.

Photosession by :iconjosemanchado:

How I made the costume: [link]
How I made the helmet: [link]

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Love the cosplay, and all the hard work that went into designing this costume. Must have been a ridiculous amount of work, and Fruitbat-44 is right - very intense. Well done.
Nice costume, and very nicely acted facial expression.   Very intense.
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Holy shit, you're amazing.
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Dude, this is so badass o_o
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dios excelente cosplay de Big Sister!, y muy buena foto también!
lAmikol's avatar
Thanks for tutorial!!!!!
kipaniii's avatar
Thought it was from a game
Incommingshadow's avatar
Everything is perfect except that giant helmet.
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WOW! Amazing work!
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This is an amazing costume! I love it. I also love the photo and the wet hair is an excellent touch and makes it so much more believable Very well done!
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Thank you very much!
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oh my god. this is perfectt
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Is it weird that I find this girl hotter for wearing this awesome gear?
Lord-Samael's avatar
Incredible... Amazing... :O
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Amazing...if it wouldn't be for the website adress that shouldn't be there, it would be my wallpaper
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Abolutely gorgeous. How in the world did you make that helmet.. o.o!! Love the haunted look on your face :)
ThelemaTherion's avatar
Thank you! It's made of resin+fiberglass, and lots of details ^^
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oh god! *n* ur eleanor is amazing!! please !!! *n* what kind of fabric you used for it? *_____* it soooo similar than a big sis costume!
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Thank you! All the leather-like parts are faux leather. They come in different colours. I would have liked to use actual leather, but this was a lot cheaper :)
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D: i know, the leather it soo expensive ;n; ! hehehe ;u; rlly thnks for the info, you see, i will make the november next my eleanor big sister cosplay and i dont have any idea for how made the suit, u help me so much *3* !!!! thnks
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