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Sonic fan stamp

My first Sonic stamp I'm serious about submitting and probably the only one.

The reason I made this stamp is that I see so much negativity around Sonic both from his fans and people who hate Sonic.

Yes, I do like Sonic, but the games are really the only part I go into. Mainly because I like the Music, and I like platforming games. And that is just my own opinion. I really don't care for the anime shows (but I don't mind if somebody does.) I don't really care about all those pairings, I personally find them silly. But once again I don't mind if somebody else does as long as they can respect the fact that others will have a disagreement. And I certainly do not take screenshots and manipulate them (recoloring.) Once again I just enjoy Sonic because I enjoy the games.

And I know that the games are not meant for everyone. And I do respect your opinion if you don't like the games. But as long as it's for legit reasons.

I understand that there are better games out there. I grew up with Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mega man, Metroid and other franchises. But it doesn't mean I can't add Sonic to one of my favorite franchises.

And yes, After SA2, there were a lot of games that were very mixed bagged. Likes or Dislikes, once again it is all mater of opinion. And as long as you have legit reasons for not liking them I'm fine with it. But you do have to understand that kids in this generation do not see the games the same way you did while growing up.

And there was a huge fit on 2006 when Sonic next gen came out. People are still fighting over this one saying that the franchise "died" because of it. Oh, give me a break, the games are still making sales, Sonic is still running, the games are still in rather good quality. The franchise is not dying, take a chill pill. And this game was made in 2006, I time to let it go, should be ancient history now. I'll just simply continue to support him without having a biased opinion on it. edit: I finally was able to get Sonic 06. I have to say, not nearly as bad as everyone keeps making out to be. Not at all a perfect game. There were things to hate about it to be sure, for me the loading screens were the worst. But there were also things to love about it to make it (to me at least) an over all enjoyable game. END EDIT

And yes, I'll gladly give both classic and modern Sonic a chance without a biased opinion. And liking something that someone else dislikes does not make me any better.

So now then, there are several sections that say shit that really do bother me about this whole thing here. That's the Classic Sonic fans who typically label themselves as "true Sonic fans," the Modern Sonic fans, and some of the anti-tards (which in every fanbase with fan-tards there will always be anti-tards) which I'll be posting common comments/arguments and my response to them in this next section


Classic Sonic fanboy
Argument: "The games suck now"
My response: I wouldn't label them as being incredibly bad unless they get to the point of unplayable. Just because you grew up with the games doesn't make yours the "best"

Argument: "If your a true Sonic fan, you wouldn't bye these games to send your message you want Sonic to go back to 2-D."
My response: Wether you like the games or not is a matter of opinion. There are those who like the games and you should be able to respect that.

Argument: *insert incredibly nit-picky statement about game here*
My response: Yes because of that the game is immediately "god awful" Seriously, that is just an excuse not to try it or make the game look bad.

Argument: "Sonic is all about speed"
My response: Sonic, is NOT a racing game, it's a plat-former. And there were sections of 2-D Sonic that did slow down (labyrinth zone anyone)

Argument: "The model and voice acting sucks"
My response: Who the hell cares! Besides, how can you compare voice acting with no voice acting, it's stupid.

Argument: "The games were flawless back in 2-D, they need to bring it back"
My response: no they weren't, it had it's share of flaws and glitches just like every other game out there.

Modern fanboy
Argument: "The sprite for classic Sonic sucks"
My response: Ugh, this shit again, do I need to explain anything?

Argument: "The 2-d Sonic games are too confusing, it's better for Sonic to mainly go on rails"
My response: The reason why others like that is for replaibility. They want to discover secrets and paths to go on and you should be able to respect that.

Argument: "There is too much trial and error"
My response: There is also trial and error in your games, it's just easier.

Note: If you do not state these comments as fact, I have nothing against you. Just the ones that act elietest and stating that there games ARE better.


Note: this does NOT apply to any person who does not like Sonic for legit reasons (they just simply don't like the games, or other forms of media to the franchise) this goes more to people who spreads bull-shit about the games that I really don't like

Argument: Sonic copies off of ___ I hate him.
My response: So, by that logic, Mario is the only game that can be side-scrolling platformer because every other game copies off of the platforming formula.

Argument: Fans ruined the franchise
My response: The games are still good to some people and they enjoy playing the games so I don't see the fan-base effecting the actual games. If your letting an outside factor to ruin something for you then I call that weak will-power. There will always be fan-tards to ruin everyone's fun, get over it.

Argument: "Critics say this game was bad"
My response: I find a lot of critics when it comes to Sonic games to be incredibly biased towards the games do to it's fan-base. If you think like this, then your letting what critics tell you sway your opinions.

Argument: "Sonic has terrible character and story design"
My response: Story isn't even a big part of the games. There just kind of there to be there. Most cutscenes in these games are skippable so it shouldn't be a problem in the first place. I don't even like some of the characters, but once again, they aren't suppose to be memorable characters. Most of the characters I found are meant to be for comic relief. What's so bad of having a little be of childish humor in the game, I don't see a problem. But overall, I just find that as another reason to hate Sonic for what he isn't.

Once again, if you don't like Sonic because it's simply not your type of game or what not, I will completely respect that. But if it is just to be incredibly nit-picky and bash on the fan-base, I can't say I'll approve of that.

And that's the end of this stamp. The point I'm trying to get across is that if you are a "true Sonic fan" then you will just sit back, enjoy the games, don't start arguments, don't jump into pointless arguments, give all the games a chance, and respect other's opinions. And that's pretty much it, I just kind of felt that people like me needed a stamp like this. Enjoy and use how you please. Also, this stamp is more for people who just simply enjoy the games, but it's OK if you like any other form of the media as well. Just as long as you don't get over-sensitive over another person's view, that's OK. :)
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Well, let's just say, how do you think Sonic would react to his haters, nostalgia extremists and modern fanboys (the extremist ones)? I think he'd go Hyper Sonic and then beat them all up, and then Shadow would come to kill em' all. End of the problem, both of us hope at least.

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Honestly, one of the BEST deviantart stamps I have ever seen.

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Finally, someone with common sense
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It's fine if others don't like Sonic.
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I don't like Sonic because of the games, I like him as a character because he's a cool and likeable character.
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I agree with this GIF stamp you have posted.
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I love Sonic for his games, but I also love him for his personality. He's very inspiring to me.
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Okay, honestly, from what you described for the Modern fanboys, they are mainly tame from my experience. Mainly because the Classic fans are a lot more cynical.

Also, funny how you made another stamp saying you're "done with Sonic", despite making THIS. Mixed signals much?
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Thank you. Finally a stamp that represents my oppinion. Clap Elsa Clapping Markiplier clapping (F2U) [ YURI ON ICE ] Applause. Dr.Steel claps fo you Approve [YT BadComedian] 
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im fan of sonic but i also like TMNT FNAF mario GTA COD Pokemon
RhiannonTheCat's avatar
Plus kingdom hearts need for speed and animie
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Yessss, I have been looking for like 20 minutes for a sonic fan stamp that expresses my opinion on the games like this one. Thank you, uploaded, thank you.
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...*slowly gets up from seat*

Very well said. People need to wake up and realize that at the end of the day, it's just a game. It's not good, or bad, it's just what you think of it. Now, for me, Sonic is my favorite series, right next to Ratchet and Clank, but most everything else I agree with. I'm definitely gonna use this.
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I agree :nod:

I'm a fan of Sonic, especially that I'm a fan of Mario
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The reason why people disrespect other people's opinions on things is that they're horrible at rejection.
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You are 100% more mature than half of the people on this website.
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I've given the games chances even if I don't like some of them. I didn't like Sonic 2006, Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.
Though I do like some of the newer games like Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors and Sonic Rush.
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I love you for this.
I really have to have this on my favourites..
You, sir, deserve a watch from me. And a good one.
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I agree people who have opinions but you also have fanbrats who forces you to like something .
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I clap, and cheer for this. Strong and excellent words my friend.Epic clap Elsa Clapping Clap 
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