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Fantards don't ruin it stamp

As I always say, Read before you comment because my stamps have a natural habit of giving out the wrong message


To be honest, I believe hating on something just because of a fan-base is a little stupid. If you think this way I'm sure you also think in the way where you start hating an overplayed song played on the radio instead of just hating the radio station itself.

I find when you completely ignore the fantards your enjoyment of certain fads. For example, I really do hate Naruto. But I did remember a while ago when I watched an episode of it not being that bad (I thought half decent, but nothing special) I really don't like FF7 but mainly because of it's fans. When I actually play the game, it actually feels like a well above average game. In short, the fantards are not forcing you in any way to stop enjoying something. You yourself have that mindset of not wanting to be a part of what some insane cooks like.

I find it rather pointless to spread "all the fantards are evil" crap all the time because if you think about it, most of these people are just spoiled brats who aren't going to change. And you know the whole "haters make me famous" thing? Yep, even if it's infamy, you still promoting something you dislike.

All fan-bases are going to have their insane cooks that going to make you ashamed to be a part of it, but it shouldn't stop you from having your fun though. I mean, I belong to some of the fan-bases that have some of the worst people involved in them but I don't let it try to stop me from what I enjoy.

Note: if you are the type of person to hate on something just because you hate it, nothing I said appiles to you so don't leave comments saying, "I hate something not for it's fans, but because it sucks" This if more geared towards the "fans ruined X for me" I just simply think it's psychological and has some peer pressure stopping you from sharing your interest.
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Like if i like something but the fanbase sucks i can stay away from the fanbase

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Something can only be ruined for someone if they allow it to be ruined.

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Then I guess the proper wording would be "Fantards don't ruin franchises/stories." Fanbases are a group of fans, so fanbrats do in fact ruin them. Lol
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I can understand being repelled from a fandom due to toxic behavior, but hating a show/game/movie/book/animal because of its fanbase is REALLY immature.
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there's nothing such called "ruining a fanbase".
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I don't like MLP: FiM and its fanbase, but the fanbase isn't the main reason I left, I left because my interests were also changing and I felt the show was shit.

There are times where IMO fantards do ruin fanbases/shows though, the Sailor Moon Crystal fanbase is one...I did a whole journal on it. To me the majority of them (there are good fans but they're few and far in-between) ruined Crystal's first two seasons because they're blind to the show's flaws which are many, and kept on raging at, cyberbullying, harassing, sending hate messages, death threats, violence threats, kicking out of Sailor Moon fandom threats, sexually harassing threats, and all other types of hate/threats to innocent Sailor Moon fans/newcomers if one doesn't like the show, points out its flaws and disagrees that it's "the best possible version of Sailor Moon".
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Shame that you don't like MLP anymore.
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Thank you. If I hate something I would find a valid reason to not like it, and actually focus on something I like. This is one of the problems I have with some hatedoms.
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Most people say that FNaF Fans ruined FNaF. They say that it's supposed to be scary, free of R34, and others. 

How are they ruining it when the game itself is not harmed? I mean, nothing happens to the game.
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The truth has been spoken.
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Yeah. People just say that R34 ruins the game. It's not like, Toy Chica getting fucked by somebody happens inside the game. It's not like all of the Chicas are sexy hot mommas in the game. And it's not like Foxy is one muscular "bae" in the game. These are all fanon, and people shouldn't treat them as if they're canon, in which the game would be ruined.

The only person who can ruin FNaF would be Scott himself. Because he's the one who made it. And it's up to people's view and judgement whether the games were ruined or not.
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Where have you been all my obsession time?

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Preach!! If only I could like comments.
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I believe hating on something just because of a fan-base is a little stupid.
THIS. That is exactly what I think. If I hate something, I find a valid reason to hate it than just the fanbase. For example, I hate Adventure Time, but not because of the fans. I have my reasons to hate it.
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Yup my reason exactly:

I don't like twilight not because of the fandom. In fact I respect people for being themselves and being passionate for what they like, I hate twilight because to me it': generally a terrible franchise. And that's my opinion.
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of course the haters in my fandom are the ones ruining the fandom, they act like they're the rulers of the franchises
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Elitist bronies in a nutshell.
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*quickly takes offense XD
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You're an elitist?
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nope. Though I can see several people taking offense to this. Ah well
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I'm sick of that
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World's most common excuse.

I just can't win can I? It's all about what they want people to think isn't it.
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