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Bioshock Infinite Alternate Cover

By theLazyLion
So pumped for Bioshock Infinite, I made an alternate game cover/poster I painted in Photoshop.

Download for full res version :)

Also commisions from me are available here: [link]

And here's a link to the tumblr post : [link]

Just finished the game, Bioshock is officially one of my favorite universes of all time thanks to Infinite.
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ShariVayleTMNT2016's avatar
I remember the bottom of that image :D

I saw it in a video on YouTube for "Sauras tu' maimer" by Yoann Freget from Beauty and the Beast (2014)
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This is probably the best presentation I saw of a fanart of Bioshock. (I'm shook.)

Nice work <3
wickedwizard1991's avatar
such a cool poster,i like how the colors and shading blend into one another,this was a great game the ending was fantastic.
CrystalChell's avatar
This is so beautiful.
Kraving4games's avatar
Wow, this is amazing! I actually thought this was from the game!
That's a killer cover. Three years later, love it or hate it, it's one of my favorite games from the BioShock series
Pizzaneti's avatar
So wonderful and cute!
Awesome--Panda's avatar
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I want this above my fireplace, this is amazing. Is there any way to get this framed of on canvas?
Nyuugao's avatar
its a shame i dont have the copy, id post this cover immediatly
gilamasan's avatar
i can see this as a graphic novel cover. a bioshock graphic novel would be great.
TheHomelessRobot's avatar
Thanks for this! i just used this for the album cover for the soundtrack.
ryukyo97's avatar
This is absolutely terrific, I LOVE THIS :love:
feint012's avatar
Why did 2K have to listen to the focus groups and put Booker on the front of the package? This cover would have been amazing!
ScorpianAkio's avatar
Because he's a manly man.
Shizik-artist's avatar
I have a disk with an anthology of Bioshock. I love this game!…
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This deserves to be a daily deviation.
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Awesome, I just love it! Thanks for sharing this with us. :)
Apologies for commenting on such an old post, but after seeing this stellar image all over the internet, I wanted to find who actually made it. When you say you made it in photoshop, did you draw it first, then work on it in photoshop? I had to ask a master, because I am trying to learn photoshop. Could you share a little of your process?
theLazyLion's avatar
Thanks for asking, my process is pretty simple to be honest, it's all done in photoshop. Starts off with just a small brush and line work. Then when im happy with the line work, i block all the values and colors in with a larger brush then proceed to detail with a smaller. 

Here's a demo of my process, although it's done in Corel, the process is the same in Photoshop.…
Wow. Thank you so much for sharing! I will have to try to use this soon. Thanks again!
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