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Headshot full color
Price for 1 character
Half Body Full Color Simple Background
Price for 1 character
Pokemon and Feral Commissions (Simple Design)
Simple Pokemon and Animals
Half Body Complicated Background
Price for 1 character
Pokemon and Feral Complicated design
More complicated art
Full Body Simple Background
Price for 1 character
Full Body Complicated Background and Tapestries
For 1 character


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HOWDY, I'm back and due to recent medical issues and monetary issues I'm trying to do these differently yet again ahhhh, you can pay with PAYPAL or POINTS if you want to.

Please Pay in the Commissions Widget on the front page! 100 Points = 1$

Every Commission is Fully Colored and Shade

Headshot  300 Points
Lillies by TheLastUnicornInOz

Half Body Simple Background 500 Points

Jello MHA OC by TheLastUnicornInOz Alicia by TheLastUnicornInOz I have that dress by TheLastUnicornInOz Heart by TheLastUnicornInOz

Pokemon and Feral Simple Design 600 Points (Possibly less, note me)

HoneyPot Ant by TheLastUnicornInOz Flicker by TheLastUnicornInOz Treasure by TheLastUnicornInOzTheLittleLeavany Emotes by TheLastUnicornInOz

Half Body Complicated Background 600 Points

What's Up Danger (Speedpaint link below) by TheLastUnicornInOz Sunset Confession by TheLastUnicornInOz Everything Stays by TheLastUnicornInOz

Pokemon and Feral Complicated Design 700 Points (Maybe less, note me)

Articuno by TheLastUnicornInOz Mica by TheLastUnicornInOz Scorbunny Evolution and Speedpaint! by TheLastUnicornInOz New Pokemon Theory and Speedpaint!! by TheLastUnicornInOz

Full Body Simple Background 800 Points

Dimensional Siblings by TheLastUnicornInOz Commission For crazymagicalgirl by TheLastUnicornInOzGods by TheLastUnicornInOz

Full Body Complicated Background and Tapestries 1000 Points

Demon Boi (Commission) by TheLastUnicornInOz Burning Up (Commission) by TheLastUnicornInOz Atla the Haunted by TheLastUnicornInOz


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United States
I'm a nerd who cant decide what she wants to do with her life

Sarah [Commission] by SpiritualW0lf :C: 35 by saltydogs


I got tagged by StellarInk


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their oc’s names next to them.

Character: Calypso Tapestry by TheLastUnicornInOz Calypso

1. Her husband was a traveling bard she ran into while performing in the town square.
2. She was not good at magic, most of her spells either created by her sister Atla or placebo effects.
3. Calypso died before Librae was 5.
4. Though many people assumed Atla killed her, Calypso was actually assassinated by beheading by one of her royal advisors who didn't believe her fit to be queen.
5. Cally did not really like Glossaryck, often ignoring him which could have lead to her poor magic.
6. Peace for peace sake and as such didn't seek to make any big changes in the kingdom or monster kind.
7. Somewhat self absorbed despite her short comings.
8. Girl hated corn and would add whatever she could to change the taste of the food.

I tag:
:iconartadorkable: Galatica
:iconthongchan: Nyx
:icondeene12: Jupiter
:iconfull-moon-phoenix: Kyperia
:icongrovylefangirl1997: Elizabeth
:iconstoryboos: Kastenia
:iconinfaminxy: Blair
:iconjgss0109: Jokina

Check out The-ANT-Studios commissions! They're in a rough patch and I'm sure they'd appreciate it!
Coolio, I got tagged by LittleJena

Let's go ^^

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people; post their avatars & write their oc’s names next to them.

Character Queen Sombra The Screams of the Innocent by TheLastUnicornInOz

1. She's Lesbian, a fact she kept hidden even after her marriage.
2.She used to be friends with a monster village near to the kingdom and would go on raids with them before she was betrothed.
3. She was married at 15 and had Eclipsa at 18. She was married so young as a way for her mother to curb her habit of sneaking out who knows where.
4. She can fight with her wand without using magic and is pretty adept at using its scythe form.
5.Her title was changed after her death. From Queen Sombra the Gentle, to Queen Sombra the Scorched.
6.She did meet Toffee in her time as Queen, enlisting him as a sort of tutor for Eclipsa in the ways of the monsters. In secret of course.
7.There was never a name for the spell she unleashed that killed so many, it was the heat of the moment and she did not think when she used it. It's possible another Butterfly could get access to it if under the same stress.
8. She created an Unforgivable Spell. So cruel and monstrous she never wrote it in the Spell book nor did she ever use it herself. What it does is unknown. Eclipsa seems to have some knowledge of it however.
BONUS: Her husband was a catalyst in her death.

I tag:
:iconmeowmissy56: Aurora
:iconrenata-greynoria: Eolia
:iconbloom-s: Vince
:iconfckbats: Ame
:icondeene12: Ruby
:iconfull-moon-phoenix: Juno
:icongrovylefangirl1997: Snow



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