To Love You- Chapter 15

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Published: March 13, 2012
They got into the car, and the whole way there, Valmont talked of the various crime lords Sarah would meet. Sarah was feeling very nervous about the evening. She hadn't been to anything like this before, and she was very uncertain as to what she should say, or how she was to act.
Finn noticed her discomfort, and he winked at her, smiling sweetly. Sarah smiled back softly at him. And she felt much better after realizing that no matter how nervous she was, she knew the boys would be there the whole night with her.
When the car stopped, Sarah looked out of her window, and her eyes grew wide with wonder.
The building they had stopped in front of was huge and grand. It's architectural design was very Gothic and charming. A beautiful garden was placed in front, with roses of many colors in bushes that lined  a concrete walk-way, which lead to the  huge front doors. The entire yard was lit with soft garden lamps, making the entire place look elegant and enchanting.
"Tohru, you, myself, and Sarah, will get out here. Finn, Ratso, and Chow, take the car and park it please," Valmont ordered politely.
"Yes, Master," Tohru replied, as he opened the driver's side door.
Tohru got out, and walked over to the car door on Sarah;s side. Finn then took the driver's seat, but turned back to Sarah.
"We'll be right in, Baby Doll," he assured her with a wink.
Sarah nodded and smiled at Finn.
"See you in a bit then," she said as Tohru opened her door.
Thru then extended his large hand to Sarah to help her out of the car. Sarah looked up to him, and suddenly remembered back when they first met. She remembered him helping her out of the car before, and how surprised she was at his gentle hold when he took her hand. She sweetly smiled at him.
"This feels like deja vu," she said playfully.
Tohru looked puzzled for a moment, but then he recalled their first meeting too. He smiled back at her.
"Yes, it does," he replied quietly, as he helped her out.
And when Sarah was out of the car, standing there in front of the mansion, she felt a tug of fear. But then she felt Tohru squeeze her hand quickly, and ever so gently. She looked up to him, and smiled with a nod, assuring him she was fine now. Tohru nodded back in reply, and Sarah saw such gentleness in his eyes for a second.
"Well! Are we ready my dear?" Valmont asked Sarah kindly. His smile was gentlemanly, Sarah almost saw that different Valmont again, the one that she had on her birthday.
He took her hand as Tohru released her other.
"Yes, I'm ready," she replied, smiling kindly at him.
Valmont nodded and they began up the stairs.
When they entered the mansion, Sarah gasped in awe and delight.
The ball room was the most beautiful place Sarah had ever seen.
It was decorated in gold and silver. There were pillars of marble, holding a ceiling that had a mural of the heavens and heavenly beings. Massive chandeliers hung from the high ceiling. They were made of diamonds, so that the light they provided radiated from with a magical aura. The walls were lined with huge windows. The frames were made of the finest oak, and the curtains were made of thick silk, maroon in color. They looked so soft, even from so far a distance.
The floors appeared to be made of ivory, and it shined and glistened with beauty in chandelier light. All of the people were elegantly dressed and so handsome to look upon.
Sarah was dumbstruck and enchanted, but Finn's voice from behind her woke her up.
"What ya think, Baby Doll?" he asked her smiling.
Sarah blinked and looked to Finn.
"Oh! It's.." she began, flustered, "It's..over whelming for sure," she smiled.
Finn chuckled softly.
"But...it's also wonderful," she said happily.
Finn nodded.
"Yeah, it's something alright," he agreed. "Always has been."
"Yes! This party is always so charming!" Valmont interjected. "I'm sure you will have a splendid time here tonight!" he said happily.
Sarah turned to Valmont and nodded.
"Yes, I'm sure I will," she replied shyly.
Well, shall we? It's time you met some of the most famous crime lords in the country," Valmont said pleasantly.
And with that, Valmont began to lead Sarah around the ballroom, with Tohru, and the other boys, close behind her.
"Isn't this so cool, Sarah?" Ratso whispered excitedly.
Sarah giggled softly.
"Yes, Ratso! It certainly is," she whispered back.

"Ah! Valmont! You old devil!"

Sarah turned her head to the direction of the voice, as did the others. Walking towards them was a very handsome, dark-haired man. He appeared to be in his early forties, hairs of gray frosted his hair and thin beard. His eyes were dark brown, and his nose long and pointed. He was tall and thin, and his smile was dashing.
Sarah's eyes fell to the floor as he approached, feeling very shy.
"Robert! How the devil are you?" Valmont greeted the man.
They shook hands and laughed.
"I was hoping you'd be here tonight! It's been too long since you and I have seen each other!" Robert said grinning. "Are you still operating out of San Fran?"
"Indeed I am!" Valmont answered. "I like it here. It's a rather profitable area."
Robert nodded.
"How wonderful for you, dear boy," he said. "Just don't get too big for your britches and think you can compete with me in New York," he smirked.
Valmont smirked back.
"Oh, don't be silly, old chap. I'd never dream of it," he replied, a glint of annoyance in his eyes.
"Not really friends then, I guess," Sarah thought to herself.
"But Valmont, you are being rude! Who is this charming girl you have on your arm?" Robert asked, looking Sarah over.
Sarah blushed slightly, and still kept her eyes on the floor.
"This is lovely young lady is my ward, Sarah Janise," Valmont announced grinning.
Robert smiled handsomely at Sarah and bowed to her.
"Charmed," he said, kissing her hand.
Sarah smiled sheepishly, blushed, and tried her best to curtsy.
"likewise, Sir," she replied sweetly.
"Adorable," Robert chuckled, as he released her hand.
"Isn't she? She's like a little doll!" Valmont said happily.
Tohru grit his teeth for a moment, and shot a glare at Valmont. He hated the fact that Valmont saw Sarah as a toy and a trophy. She deserved so much more respect from him.
"She certainly is," Robert replied softly, still looking at Sarah.
Tohru began to tighten his fists and looked malignantly at Robert. He didn't like the way Robert was looking at Sarah.
'Well," Robert began, clasping his hands. "I will leave you all to enjoy the evening. I should continue visiting. It was a pleasure to meet you, Miss Janise," he said, bowing to her once more.
Sarah curtsied again and smiled politely.
"Yes, you too, Sir," she replied courteously.
Valmont nodded a 'good bye', and with that, Robert walked away, leaving Sarah to wonder how powerful of a crime lord he might be.
"Well, I think we ought to get some refreshments, Sarah dear," Valmont said with a smile to her.
Sarah nodded and smiled at him nicely.
"Oh! Yes, that'd be lovely," she agreed.
"Yeah!" Ratso chimed in. "I'm starving!"
"Ratso, you can;t pig out on caviar," Finn said, rolling his eyes. "It's not a buffet, you know."
Ratso pouted . "Aww," he said, disappointed.
Sarah giggled, and Ratso noticed she was giggling at him. It made him giggle too.

"Valmont! How lovely to see you!"

They all turned to their left, the direction of the melodic voice.
A woman was approaching them, an elegant and beautiful woman. Her skin was the color of mocha, her hair jet black, with only a hint of gray. It was pulled up into a bun. Her gown was a gorgeous array of red and orange shades. It was sleeveless, and it;s train was very long, billowing as she walked. It gave the allusion that she floated over the ground. Her arms were adorned with gold bracelets, and her neck displayed a beautifully intricate gold necklace, with blood-red jewels. Her earrings were simple gold orbs. On her head was a stunning gold circlet, with a single, blood-red ruby in the center.

But the most intriguing and lovely part of her, Sarah thought, were her eyes. They were the most beautiful shade of brown she had ever seen. And they were so kind and noble.
Sarah wondered who this woman was, and why on earth she would be ere.
Valmont smiled a dashing smile at the elegant woman.
"Madame Ashante," he said kindly. "as lovely as ever."
He bowed and took her hand, kissing it gently.
Madame Ashante smiled at Valmont, and Sarah thought the woman was even more beautiful when she smiled.
"It is good to see you, Mr. Valmont," Madame Ashante replied softly.
Then, Madame Ashante looked at Sarah, and smiled with benevolence.
"And this must be Sarah Janise, your new ward," she commented softly.
Sarah blushed again, and her eyes fell to the floor shyly.
"Yes indeed, Madame," Valmont replied smiling. "Sarah? This is Madame Ashante, the curator of this gathering."
Sarah smiled softly and curtsied.
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Madame Ashante," she said sweetly.
Madame Ashante smiled at Sarah.
"The pleasure is all mine, dear girl," she replied. "It is not every day that I meet a Seeker."
Sarah looked at the woman in great surprise.
"You..you know that I have psychic abilities?" she asked quietly.
Madame Ashante nodded.
"Yes, I do! Valmont had told me all about your gift. He was very excited about you becoming his ward. And I am excited to know you better myself," she smiled again.
Sarah grinned, honored that this enchanting woman wished to know her better.
"Thank you, Madame," she said, nodding.
Then Madame Ashante looked up to Tohru, who had been looking away.
"Mr. Tohru Kurosai, it is wonderful to see you again, ," she greeted him, smiling.
Tohru bowed slightly, a small smile curling his lips.
"And looking so handsome too, even more so than last year," the woman said flirtatiously.
Sarah looked with slight surprise at Madame Ashante, and then to Tohru. She didn't expect such an elegant woman to flirt, especially not to Tohru.
"Madame Ashante," he replied. "You are far too kind."
The woman sighed, a playful look in her eyes.
"There he goes again, ignoring my advances," she said playfully to Sarah.
Sarah found herself giggling with the beautiful woman, making Tohru subtly annoyed. Madame Ashante noticed Tohru's annoyance and shook her head.
"Ah, forgive me, Tohru. In any case, I am most happy to see you still with Mr. Valmont. You are the best body guard I have seen in a long time. For any crime lord," she said kindly.
Tohru nodded politely.
"I am honored to be so highly thought of by you, Madame," he replied stoically. "I strive to do my best under Master Valmont's employment."
"Yes, and now you have a much greater responsibility," began Madame Ashante.
Tohru looked at the woman with a curious look.
"You have miss Sarah to protect now," Madame Ashante stated, nodding with a smile to Sarah.
Sarah looked to the floor for a moment, feeling her cheeks become warm. But she smiled to herself too. And if she had looked up to Tohru, she would have seen him nod to Madame Ashante, and smile for a moment.
"And you three!" Madame Ashante said smiling at the three boys. "I do believe you three were here last year. It is good to see you all again," she said kindly.
Finn, Chow, and Ratso all nodded and smiled.
"Thank you, Madame Ashante," Finn replied kindly.
"Yeah, we're happy to be here," Ratso said politely.
Sarah grinned to herself again. Ratso was adorable, talking so politely.
"yes, you are all very welcome to be here," Madame Ashante said sweetly. "Please, all of you , enjoy your evening tonight. And, Mr. Valmont," she began again, "I have something of interest for you, that I wish to discuss in private."
Valmont nodded with a curious smile.
"Oh? How delightful!" he replied with intrigue. "I shall be available to talk shortly."
"Of course," Madame Ashante nodded. "Take Sarah out onto the dance floor a few times, then come see me. She should be shown off in such a beautiful gown after all," she smiled to Sarah.
Sarah smiled happily in return.
Valmont nodded in agreement, and Madame Ashante turned away from them to leave.
"Oh, and Tohru?" she said, turning her head back to his direction.
Tohru looked to her.
"Madame?" he acknowledged.
"Do be sure to take Sarah out there yourself at least once tonight," she said, a sly smile curling her lips.
Tohru looked at the woman with a slight annoyance for a second, then he smiled politely and nodded.
"Yes, Madame. I shall," he replied courteously.
Sarah didn't look up to Tohru, but found that butterflies had formed in her stomach at the thought of dancing with him.
"Good," the elegant woman said softly. And with that, Madame Ashante left them.
They all watched her leave for a moment.
"She is so very kind," Sarah commented quietly, more to herself than to anyone else.
"She certainly is, my dear," Valmont replied. "I suppose you were expecting a more Cruella de Ville-like person?" he asked with amusement.
Sarah looked to him and chuckled softly.
"Well, perhaps," she replied.
Valmont chuckled.
"Oh no, my dear girl. Madame Ashante is a ...Robin Hood of crime lords, if you will. She has stolen countless artifacts and treasures, and has kept none for herself. She has sold each one, and made a huge profit, and only kept what she needed to keep up her charitable work. They rest has gone to helping her home country. I believe she came from a small village in southern India, who are desperately poor," Valmont stated, as they all walked to the tables full of delicacies.
"She had to steal to eat from a very young age," Valmont began again, as he gave Sarah some punch. "And some how managed to become a billionaire, and a very brilliant woman crime lord," he concluded, taking a sip of his drink.
"I think she is wonderful," Sarah stated with a smile.
Finn nodded and smiled too.
"I agree, Baby Doll," he said.
"Well! Valmont began cheerfully. "I believe the next dance is about to begin. Sarah?" would you do me the honor of dancing with me?" he asked, with his dashing smile.
Sarah looked at Valmont for a moment or two. She wished with all of her heart that he truly was the kind gentleman he was now pretending to be. And although she still got a cold and queasy feeling whenever she held his hand, or saw his eyes meet hers, she knew she couldn't refuse his offer to dance.
"Yes," Sarah replied kindly, faking a smile.
Valmont winked at her, making her heart jump out of fear from a memory. He took her by the hand, and lead her out onto the ballroom floor.
Tohru watched Valmont take her away, and he felt a very cold feeling in his stomach, and he formed fists without realizing it. It was difficult for him to watch Valmont with Sarah, acting as if nothing had happened, as if Valmont had never violated her. Tohru knew Sarah was hiding her pain and the stress it brought her to be so close to Valmont, and Tohru nothing more in that moment than to take that away from her.
Finn watched too, planning to ask Sarah next for a dance. Ratso watched with excitement, he thought Sarah looked like a princess out there, and it made him happy. Chow sipped his punch coolly, and just studied the artwork around the room.
Valmont held Sarah gently as they danced, and Sarah struggled to keep up appearances of happiness and contentment. She fought her fear, her heart beat racing, and her hands trembling. She focused on the dance movements, on the beauty of the chandeliers above her, and the enchanting classical music that played. If she could just keep from looking into Valmont's eyes too often, or too long, she could last.
"Are you enjoying yourself, dear girl?"
Valmont's voice broke Sarah's concentration, and she nearly gasped aloud and pulled away from him. But she recovered, and faked a smile for him.
"Oh yes, Valmont," she replied quietly. "I am."
Valmont smiled handsomely.
"I am happy to hear that," he replied kindly. "You do look very nice in that gown."
Sarah nodded a 'thank you' to him, and looked away from him.
"What do you think Madame Ashante has to tell you?" Sarah asked him, trying to keep her mind busy.
Valmont shrugged.
"I'm not sure to tell you the truth, dear," he replied. "But I'm sure it's something very valuable and unique, other wise she would not have mentioned it to me. She knows what artifacts and treasures I enjoy," he said with a greedy smile.
Sarah smiled awkwardly at him, not sure how to respond.
The song ended then, and Valmont and Sarah applauded the orchestra politely. Valmont escorted Sarah off of the dance floor, back to where Tohru and the others stood.
"Thank you, dear girl, for a charming dance," Valmont said to Sarah, with a short bow.
Sarah nodded and curtsied quickly.
"Thank you too, Valmont," she smiled again, relieved that the dance was over and that she had kept control of herself.
"And now, if you all would excuse me. I should very much like to steal some dances from these rather stunning women all around us," Valmont said, looking around the room, with a hint of lust in his eyes.
Sarah looked to the floor immediately. That look in his eyes was terrifying to her, and Tohru shot a furious glare at Valmont.
Valmont left then, and Finn walked up next to Sarah.
"Here, Baby Doll," Finn offered her her punch cup.
"Oh, thank you, Finn," Sarah said with a smile. Her throat had dried a bit from holding back screams she wanted to let go when she danced with Valmont.
Finn nodded and smiled. Ratso came up to Sarah then with a plate of food.
"Would you like some food, Sarah?" he asked sweetly.
Sarah shook her head, her stomach was still tight and cold.
"No thank you, sweety. Maybe later though," she replied with a smile at him.
Ratso nodded, and walked over to a nearby table to sit down.
Sarah looked around the ballroom then, wondering if Madame Ashante was nearby. She would've liked to talk to the woman more, but she was no where in sight. Then saw Valmont on the other side of the room, flirting with two very beautiful women. They wore very glamorous dresses, very tight fitting too, showing off their perfect figures. And for a second or two, Sarah felt she was the ugliest thing in the room. She suddenly felt a waive of self-loathing.
It had nothing to do with Valmont flirting with the women, it had to do with the simple truth that Sarah would never look like those women. She would never have the perfect hair, the perfect lips, the perfect nose, the slender figure with no flaws, the size 0.
Sarah found herself making a mental list of all that was wrong with her. She was a size 11, she had always been pudgy. Her shoulders were broad, her hips too, her legs stubby. Her hair was not as soft as it could be, her neck not as slender either. She was short too. The girl's eyes fell to the floor, and she had the urge to run out of the ballroom just then. She usually did not give in to these thoughts, but she had let them in for a second, and now she stood very still and very quiet.

Tohru noticed this, and he looked to her with concern.
"..Miss Sarah?" he asked quietly. "Are you unwell?"
Tohru's voice broke through Sarah's dismal thoughts, and she blinked and looked up to him quickly.
"Oh!" she gasped in embarrassment. "Yes, Tohru. Yes, I'm fine," she assured him sweetly. She hid her thoughts behind a smile for him, but Tohru had seen the sadness in her eyes, and he knew it was still there. But he didn't press her, assuming Valmont was what was upsetting her, and he smiled a small smile to her.
Finn had noticed her sad expression too, and he walked up to her then.
"Hey, Baby Doll," he began with a handsome grin. "Whaddya say to a dance?"
Sarah smiled apologetically.
"Oh, not just yet, Finn," she said softly, her eyes to the floor. Her returned to the ones before. "I don't think I danced all that great with Valmont, I'd hate to"-"You danced beautifully out there."
Sarah looked up to Finn suddenly, and she saw that look in his eyes when he had called her special, back when they first met.
"You sure did, Sarah! Just like a princess!" Ratso exclaimed happily, he had apparently appeared next to them with either Finn or Sarah noticing.
Finn blinked and looked to Ratso with a rather surprised expression, as did Sarah.
"Yeah, Sarah," Chow commented, as he came up to her. "We all want a turn to spin you around out there. You really knew what you were doing, and you looked great," he smiled kindly at her.
Tohru said nothing, once again, he was uncertain as to what to say. He agreed with the others, but he wasn't certain he should say anything, since the other three had seemed to say it all.
Sarah looked at the three men standing in front of her, and to her own shame, she realized her thoughts of worthlessness and disgust with herself were ridiculous. She was lovely and beautiful to these men, her dearest friends. She smiled brightly then, and scolded herself for ever giving in to such demeaning thoughts.
She then turned to Finn.
"Yes, Finn," she said happily. "Let's dance."
Finn smiled softly and extended his arm for her to take. She took it, and they headed out to the dance floor. Tohru watched them go, and he was relieved to see that Sarah seemed happy again. But something else tugged at him, and he couldn't place it, it was a strange feeling he hadn't had before.
© 2012 - 2019 TheLastUnicorn1985
Alrighty ladies and gents, here's chapter 15.:phew:
Thank you all for your patience, I know I seem to have forgotten of this fanfic, but I promise I haven't!:XD:
Hope this chapter isn't too terribly long, I once again, had trouble figuring out a good chapter break.:shrug:
Sarah's moment of feeling ugly may not stay in here. I wrote it up, but it might be too 'Mary Sue' of her. Though I've given her my personality, so I gave her that moment, because I deal with it every day, and I want her to be more human, having the thoughts most women struggle with. But I might take it out, I'm not sure yet.:aww:

Madame Ashante has gone through many names and descriptions before I decided on her final appearance and demeanor. She was originally cruel, but then I changed it, wanting to see a 'Robin Hood' figure in the crime world. Hope she's not too odd, I know my back story for her was rushed, but I didn't really have much for her.^^; I might add more later though!

Anyways, I hope that you all like this chapter, and I am steadily breaking free of my writer's block on this fiction!:boogie: We're getting closer to when Shendu, Jackie, and the talisman's will be introduced, so I am struggling more with how to fit Sarah into all of that without it seeming ridiculous.:rofl: So bare with me lovelys!:blowkiss:

It's not midnight here, I'll try and sleep now hur hur:XD:

Valmont, Finn, Tohru, Ratso, and Chow belong to John Rogers
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Don't you dare change one word!
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HoneykittenHobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent work, dearie, this is the kind of reaction and behaviour I'm expecting from Sarah, I'm glad that you focused more on that in this chapter :clap: You have done, without exception, a great job with the people's characterization especially with Tohru being jealous and Valmont generally being such a sly bastard (kick him in the teeth where it hurts I say!). And Finn is simply such a charmer isn't he? :lol:
Well done, Hannah, keep it up! :iconcheerplz:
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TheLastUnicorn1985Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you SO SO much Emz! I am honored and THRILLEd to no end that you enjoyed this chapter so much! and such high praise from you just means the WORLD to me!:blushes: I will keep it up indeed dear!:glomp:
lols yes, I know Valmont was never this much a bastard in the show, but it's actually quite fun to write him this evil!:giggle:
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HoneykittenHobbyist Digital Artist
I sure did! :w00t: Yeah, maybe he isn't like that in the show but some artistic freedom is always allowed ;) Keep it up dearie, that's all I've got to say! :XD:
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TheLastUnicorn1985Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lols yes! It's always fun to take a character who wasn't greatly developed, and give him/her your own flare!:XD: and I sure will!:D
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Sorry I havent reviewed sooner, school has kept me busy. Okay...first off on the list is that this is an amazing piece! I love the dancing and the people's characterization. Tohru being jealous especially with Robert (must be thrown off a bridge when no one is looking) and Valmont dancing with Sarah! God I wanted to skin the Bastard alive, making her feel awful and not like herself (I think all girls think those thoughts all the time my dear, so you are not alone!). But I was really happy with the boys cheering her up and dancing with them. That really made her night. :giggle:

And now for Madame Ashante....she is super awesome! Her personality and background were just perfect. A crime lord, but still a good person in the end. I love how she is kind to Sarah and with the boys. And love how she could recognize that Tohru has feeling for Sarah. I think her and Isabella would get along very well. I wonder how she would react with Cedric?

Cant wait for the next chapter!


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TheLastUnicorn1985Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello love!:aww: I'm SO THRILLED to hear from you, and I'm sorry school has kept you away, but I remember those days!:faint: and I certainly hope the load lightens up soon!:nod:
Oh my, thank you for SO much praise on this chapter! he he, I anticipated you disliking Robert, I wanted him to be one of those dispicable snobs you find at these types of things.:XD: and Yes, I needed Sarah to feel that awful to keep consistency with the fact Valmont raped her.:( but oh yes, I struggle with those negative thoughts daily! But such is life, with a media like ours!:XD:
te he, I love the enforcers so much, i try to make them cheer up Sarah at every turn, because watching them cheers me up in real life! I can't tell you how many nights, when I was fighting my depression, the Enforcers and Tohru were there to make me smile again!:aww:
and YES! I'm SO happy and relieved you approve of Madame Ashante!:w00t: I hoped you would, because I really enjoy her! I think her and Izzy WOULD get along splendid! But hmmm, she would probably be very respectful to Cedric, but still firmly show him who ran her palace.:XD:
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Ugh! I know a few guys like that. Everytime I see them I just want to run for the hills. *Runs* Ahhh Thanks dear, I hope my load does lighten up a bit, but I am not lucky. My school has already piled a bunch of homework for Spring break (A time where I wanted to write my ideas and stories) so I kind of got screwed. Sigh...

Yes! The enforcers always cracks me up so much with their antics. It pleases me so much that they care for Sarah and always try to cheer her up. Depression can really harm you (I deal with it all the time as well) but then I have to think of all my story ideas, boyfriend, and family/friends and I am happy again.

Of course I enjoyed her! She sounds amazing and Isabella would enjoy her company. Heh heh I see some amusing scenes with her and Cedric if they ever meet. :giggle:

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TheLastUnicorn1985Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awww, I'm sorry they gave you so much homework!:cling:
I had a few professors like that. -_-

Yes yes, I love our three boys SO much for that reason.:aww: I'm sorry you have to deal with depression too Danie, but you're right, there's too much to be thankful for to let it get us down!
te he yes! Ashante meeting Cedric would be amusing indeed!:XD:
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Sigh...its okay. Going to finish it probably tomorrow after I get back from my sleepover with my friend.

Its okay. Hopefully its going to get better. Spending time with my friends and boyfriend have really cheered me up.

I really dont know where to begin the conversation with those too. 0_0

Cedric: A female crime lord? Perposterous. *Scoffs*
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TheLastUnicorn1985Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awww, I'm so glad you have friends and a boyfriend to help!:clap:
lols I know right? I have NO idea!:rofl:
Madame Ashante: Perposterous you say? Well, Your Majesty, I assure you I AM what I say.*curtseys politely to Cedric*
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I'm glad to have them in my life as well.


Cedric: *Scoffs* Its not a woman's place.

Isabella: Really? Then tell me dear husband...what is a woman's place?

Cedric:....*Walks off and Isabella smirks turning to Madame Ashante*

Isabella: I do believe he lost the battle while we won the war.
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TheLastUnicorn1985Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOLOLOL!!! I LOOOVE that little scene dearest!!:faint:
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ArtemisArcanaHobbyist General Artist
Awesome new chapter :D :la: personally I think Sarah looks great the way she is and shouldn't worry about being a size 0 :la:
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TheLastUnicorn1985Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww thanks dear!:hug: I just put that in there to make her more human.:XD:
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ArtemisArcanaHobbyist General Artist
No problem :D :hug: haha yea I think every girl feels that way from time to time. How tall is sarah if you don't mind me asking? It's just when I draw her with Misa it helps to know where Misa stands at becuase she's only 4 foot 11 lol XD
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TheLastUnicorn1985Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah, i feel that way all of the time.:XD:
But Sarah is 5' 4", cuz that's my height!:rofl:
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Oh lol there is one more chapter ^^ but not yet in your "love story folder".

I bet Madame Ashante is a seeker too huh? So she already know Tohru got feelings for Sarah^^.
And I bet too its the statue of Shendu Ashante wants ta show Valmont ^^ and here goes our well known and beloved storyline.
I am curious how Sarah will fit in. I try to figure out myself how to pu Li into it without changing to much.
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lols woops yes:XD:
Nah, Ashante has no powers, she's just super sweet lols
and your guess is right he he!
I will basically just keep the focus on Tohru and Sarah, but the Jackie, Jade, and the rest will weave in there.:XD:
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This chapter is cool
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thank you hon!:aww:
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Chapter 15
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oh woops, did I mis label it again? lolol I should keep track of my own chapters!:faint::XD:
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