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The Feeder And The Fed By Thelastskooma177-dc91rla

The Feeder and the Fed. This is the completed demo and if I get enough people to like this I will continue to make the game. I'm gonna try to share this game with some others on deviantart. And as it turns out a deviant by the name of Sonier103 made some of this content so I'll put their link in the description below if you want to see her art. It's really good and my favorite out of all the art I found.  Here is also the link to the download.……
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theannomimuzao's avatar
how do i play this game?
spingebillman's avatar
Are you still working on the game?
DOOM-Knight009's avatar
I am very interested in what more will come.
this game picked my interest a lot. Thank you for making this demo.It was really fun and i can't wait for more!
Thanks I'm working on more.