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Hi fans of The Last Of Us!

Just letting everyone know i have changed the settings so now you can share your work on here and be accepted immediately as i know myself how much of a pain it can be waiting for it to go through so i want to make it a lot easier for you all :)

Also i have made two new groups so if you like and are looking forward to Beyond Two Souls and Watch Dogs please join as i'm trying to bulid them up with lots of people so we can see many awesome art work and cosplay continuously, here are the links so feel free to check them out!



Happy posting everyone! :)
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DWOAH: Clementine vs Ellie
Deadliest warriors of all historyClementine vs EllieSurviving for the memory of their adoptive father Clementine info:Height: 5 foot 2Weight: 106lbsWeapons: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Hammer, Baseball Bat, Fire AxeStrengths: Is considered to be one of the best survivors and Zombie Killers of the entire Walking Dead franchise after Lee’s death, Is remarkable durable for her build (Survived being shot, Survived being swept down a river whilst unconscious, Survived being submerged in a frozen lake), Peak human speed (Easily outruns fully grown Survivors and can dodge Walkers with ease), Is incredibly resourceful and quick thinking (Can plan on the fly, Managed to get a wind turbine working without prior knowledge or training), Has one of the highest Zombie kill counts in the Walking Dead franchise, Is a skilled Marksman.Weaknesses: Despite her reasonable skill in combat Clementine is fairly frail when it comes to strength, Her ammo is normally scarce so she mainly relies on Melee Weapons and stealth for dealing with threats.Ellie info: Height: 5 foot 5Weight: 129lbsWeapons: Switchblade, Semi-Auto Pistol, Revolver, Bolt-Action Rifle, Pump Shotgun, Bow, Silenced Submachine Gun, Pipe, Molotov Cocktails, Trap Mines, Stun Bombs Strengths: Is a highly competent Survivor of the Cordyceps Outbreak and is one of the only people completely immune to the Infection, Incredible strength (Can overpower Survivors physically larger than her, Can fight off Runners and Stalkers which are borderline superhuman in terms of strength, Can carry multiple Weapons without it slowing her down), Incredible durability (Can survive multiple gunshots and Melee hits before dying, Has survived injuries that should cripple normal people, Shrugged off getting her arm broken and two fingers bitten off by Abby), Peak human speed (Easily outruns most Survivors and Infected), Has killed countless hostile Survivors and Infected between the ages of 14 to 19 (Included David’s cannibal group and the Rattler Slaver group single handedly), Is a highly skilled Marksman, Possesses an incredibly sense of hearing which allows her to basically pinpoint enemy locations through walls, Can heal via med kits.Weaknesses: As her ammo is incredibly scarce Ellie relies mainly on Melee Weapons and stealth to deal with threats, Can only carry a limited amount of healing items, Ellie has an extremely volatile temperament which leads her to sometimes rush into bad situations.Battle begin!Taking a deep breath as she lined up her shot Ellie squeezed the trigger sending the Rifle bullet sailing through the air before it hit its mark in the back of a Clicker’s skull severing hundred yards away, tearing through the softer bone and tissue before making the Infected’s head outright explode causing the other two Clickers beside it shriek and stagger around trying to find the source of the noise.Racking another round Ellie took aim at the second Clicker only to pause when the Clicker’s head exploded before she could pull the trigger, the distant sound of a Shotgun blast coming from the same direction as she watched the third Clicker turn and stagger towards where the blast had come from only to suffer the same fate as its head was destroyed by a second shot.“What the fuck?” Ellie pondered zooming her scope in closer to see a young frizzy haired woman emerge from around a wall holding the smoking Shotgun, Ellie inspecting the woman as she kicked at the Clicker’s corpses, noting the Weapons that were strapped to the woman’s back Ellie deemed her too well equipped to be a random Survivor “nice try Wolf” she hissed mistaking the woman for a WLF member.Taking aim at the woman’s head Ellie took a deep breath before pulling the trigger, Clementine crouching down to inspect one of the Clicker’s corpses just in time to make the headshot miss.“Shit!” both women exclaimed in unison, Clementine diving for cover whilst Ellie reloaded her Bolt-Action Rifle before holstering it on her back, swapping it for her Silenced SMG as she jumped down from the second floor of the ruined building she had used as a vantage point to disappear into the tall grass that dominated the open ground between the buildings.Heading into the grass herself Clementine kept her Shotgun ready as she swept the area with it, keeping an eye out for any form of movement in the grass when the sound of suppress shots suddenly rang out and a volley of bullets tore through the grass, the tall grass impeding Ellie’s aim enough that it prevented her from getting a clear shot as the bullets mainly passed by Clementine as she ducked, one narrowly missing her arm close enough to cut across her skin making her hiss at the burning sensation before she shot back in the directions the SMG rounds came from blasting three Shotgun shots towards Ellie.“Fuck!” Ellie cursed as she hit the dirt from the sound of the first Shotgun blast, pulling out the empty magazine from her SMG and forcing another half full one into it, counting only thirteen bullets in it making her chastise herself on using her SMG on the Seraphites she had ran into earlier that day.Readying her SMG Ellie then began to combat crawl through the grass to stay below Clementines line of sight, at least she thought she was until another Shotgun blast rang out and Ellie felt an agonising burning sensation on her left thigh as the shot tore across her leg stripping the skin off making her cry out and clutch at her leg to stem the blood flow.“Found you!” Clementine hissed as she emerged through the grass and aimed her Shotgun at Ellie, cocking it and pulling the trigger only for a small ‘click’ sound to be heard making her realise that she had spent her ammo “shit!”.With the free moment to act Ellie spied a bottle within arms reach and grabbed it before throwing it at Clementine’s head, making her cry out as the glass shattered against her face making her stumble and giving Ellie enough time to scramble away and hide behind a ruined pillar, hastily pulling out a med kit and wrapping bandages around her bleeding leg, forgoing painkillers to focus solely on being able to stand on her wounded leg.Once the bleeding had been stopped Ellie drew her Pistol having dropped her SMG in her getaway, attaching a discarded plastic bottle to the Barrel for a makeshift Silencer before leaning out from her cover to check where Clementine was.As she moved away from the cover however she jumped at the sight of a Baseball Bat coming for her head, dodging just in time for her Pistol to take the hit rather than her head causing it to be smashed against the pillar and ruined.“You bitch!” Ellie exclaimed as she dove backwards onto her back to dodge another Bat swing, Clementines Weapon bouncing off of the ground letting her go in for another swing quickly as Ellie grabbed a nearby Pipe to block it, both of their arms straining as they pushed their Weapons against each others.Ellie’s strength quickly won out, shunting Clementine back and striking her in the leg with her Pipe making her stumble as her knee momentarily gave out, giving Ellie time to get up and swing her Pipe again with Clementine just barely ducking under it.Thrusting her Baseball Bat forward Clementine struck Ellie hard in the gut making her double over and striking her hard across the head with enough force to send her back to the ground whilst the Bat itself shattered.As her Weapon broke Clementine tossed the handle aside and drew her Pistol to deliver the finishing shot only for Ellie to roll out of the way just as she pulled the trigger, the Cordyceps Survivor having a much greater pain threshold to deal with the pulsating ache in her skull as she drew her Revolver and shot back at Clementine, the blood running from her forehead down into one of her eyes only obscuring her vision slightly allowing her to score one good shot on Clementine’s shoulder whilst the other five shots forced her to retreat.Hurrying back through the tall grass clutching her bleeding shoulder Clementine dove behind a ruined wall and dragged a nearby piece of broken rebar, praying that it was clean enough as she then grit her teeth and dug it into the bullet wound to dig out the bullet trying her best not to scream as she removed it.Once the bullet was removed Clementine stuffed the bullet hole with the fabric of her own jacket to stem the blood flow planning to properly bandage it once she was safe, counting her Pistol bullets she then cocked it getting ready to move when a Molotov Cocktail came flying over the ruined wall to shatter on the ground a few feet in front of her setting the grass ablaze.“Fuck!” she screamed frantically kicking away from the flames as another Molotov landed a few feet to her left sending her scrambling the other way, desperately running for another piece of cover whilst shooting wildly at Ellie who was preparing another Molotov Cocktail.Noticing a doorway that lead into a nearby building Clementine rushed towards it only to stop when she noticed a strange parcel like object at the bottom of the doorway, her experience with more Militant Survivors allowing her to deduce that it was a crudely fashioned Trap Mine that Ellie had set up earlier when she had been sniping Infected.Stopping a few feet away from the doorway Clementine started to back away as to not set off the Mine when she heard shuffling and sharp shrieking coming from within the shadows of the building, an Infected Runner suddenly emerging and making a charge for Clementine only to set off the Trap Mine before it could leave the doorway, the blast from the explosive utterly destroying the lower half of the Infected as well as sending Clementine off of her feet.Hearing the explosion Ellie swapped to her Shotgun and headed towards the sound only to stop at the sound of the echoing shrieks of approaching Infected, cursing as Runners came pouring out from every direction around them “god fucking damn it!” she exclaimed as she blasted one Runner away destroying its head before quickly planting a shot in the chest of the Runner behind it.Whilst Ellie dealt with the Runners attacking her Clementine was putting down the ones that came after her, planting a bullet in the heads of the first five that came at her before having to frantically Pistol whip the last one to death caving its skull in with the handle of her Firearm.Going to reload her Pistol Clementine cursed as she realised that she had used the last of her Pistol ammo forcing her to swap to her Rifle and risk firing it at close range greatly hindering her accuracy with it as several more Runners came charging towards her.Hip firing her Rifle to shoot the Runner through the stomach Clementine suddenly spotted a Fire Axe through the shatter window of a nearby building and deciding that a Melee Weapon would do far better than her Rifle in this situation she made a mad dash for it.Planting the last of her Shotgun rounds in the final Runner that came after her Ellie swapped back to her Pipe to continue after Clementine only to jump back just in time at the sound of Clementine’s battle cry, the frizzy haired woman rushing at her and swinging her now bloodied Axe down to strike the ground where Ellie had just been.Having jumped so suddenly from shock Ellie had dropped her Pipe forcing her to pull out and rely on her Switchblade as she jumped out of the way of another Axe swing, darting in after Clementine missed her attack to stab at her piercing her side before pulling her Knife back to slash at her arm cutting through the fabric of her jacket and drawing more blood from her.Hissing in pain as Ellie’s Switchblade cut into her again and again Clementine shunted the base of the Axe’s handle into Ellie’s stomach to wind her before rushing her, slamming the handle to her face before using it to force her back until she was pinned back against a ruined wall with the Axe handle pressed to her throat hard enough to start choking her.“Bitch…” Ellie wheezed as she struggled against the handle, kicking out at Clementine as she forced more pressure on her throat, her face steadily turning red as Clementine pushed harder and harder.Until Clementine gasped at a piercing pain in her stomach, looking down to find that Ellie had stabbed her clean in the abdomen, staining her shirt and jacket with blood.Using Clementine’s moment of shock to push her Axe away Ellie then pulled the Switchblade out of her stomach and slashed at her throat, cutting it and causing blood to flow like a waterfall down her torso and forcing her to drop the Axe to clutch at her throat giving Ellie the opening she needed to stab her straight through the eye and straight into her brain, inadvertently preventing the frizzy haired woman from coming back as a Zombie as the Blade destroyed her brain.Pulling her Switchblade out Ellie then let Clementine’s body fall as she slumped back against the ruined wall to catch her breath “god damn fucking Wolves…” she panted “wasted all my fucking ammo”.Winner: EllieWell...I think I pissed off a lot of people with this fight so let me explain.I have seen this fight written before with TLOU 1 Ellie being used and in that I agree with the verdict of Clementine winning but now since TLOU part 2 is out and Ellie now has several years of experience the fight is now heavily tipped in her favour.Whilst Clementine and Ellie are incredibly durable for their builds Ellie’s strength easily wins out over Clementine’s and though some will argue against this logic I believe wholeheartedly that the world of TLOU is far more dangerous than that of the Walking Dead since none of the Walkers can move faster than a brisk shuffle making hostile Survivors the greatest threat to Clementine whilst Ellie has to deal with both hostile Survivors and essentially fast Zombies with the Cordyceps Infected giving her much greater experience in surviving in a world of constant violence and threat.So in this fight Ellie was left the last one standing.
Tlou2poster by ScionChibi
the_last_of_us_2_poster by ScionChibi
Ellie TLOU by ScionChibi
Joel and Ellie
Happy Birthday AnubisDHL II by DemonLeon3D
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Winter Worries - TLoU by Lazar-Arts
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#73 The Last Of Us : Tess by ExMente
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Tess Showing Were She Got Bitten by UnitySpectre
Just fucking go...! by Lari-Fari
Clickers and Misc
DWOAH: Green Flu Infected vs Cordyceps InfectedDeadliest warriors of all historyThe Green Flu Infected vs The Cordyceps InfectedA new kind of Zombie The Green Flu Infected info:Height: VariesWeight: VariesWeapons: Bare Hands, Tooth and Claw, Smoker Tongues, Acid, BileStrengths: Can be considered to be the greatest Zombie Horde in gaming, Peak human/Superhuman strength (Common Infected are roughly as strong as a peak human, Special Infected like the Hunter, the Witch and the Tank possess superhuman strength, Tanks can lift several tons with ease, Hunters can tear people apart with ease, Smokers can lift fully grown adults with their Tongues with ease), Peak human/Superhuman durability (Common Infected can take several bullets to be killed whilst most Special Infected can take dozens if not hundreds of bullets to kill), Peak human speed (Nearly all of the Infected can run as fast as a peak human), Hunters can leap dozens of metres, Smoker Tongues can extend several metres to catch prey, Spitters can projectile spit a powerful Acid, Boomer Bile attracts Common Infected and drives them into a frenzy.Weaknesses: Smokers are blind and rely entirely on echolocation so technically too much loud noise can disorient them, Boomer’s are extremely volatile and even the slightest wound can make them explode and kill them, A Tanks rage state is extremely taxing on its heart and if it cannot vent its anger on a target it will die via cardiac arrest.The Cordyceps Infected info: Height: VariesWeight: VariesWeapons: Bare Hands, Tooth and Claw, Acid Spores Strengths: Could be considered one of the most realistic Zombie Hordes in gaming, Peak human/Superhuman strength (Runners and Stalkers are about as strong as a peak human, Bloaters, Shamblers and Clickers are far stronger than regular humans, The Rat King can tear down walls and rip humans apart with ease), Above peak human/Superhuman durability (Runners and Stalkers take several bullets to kill, Stronger Infected can be borderline bulletproof and require dozens to take down), Peak human speed (All of the Infected can move at roughly the same speed of a peak human), Bloaters and Clickers are dangerous enough to insta-kill any Survivor they get their hands on, Shamblers can excrete a cloud of Acidic Spores from their skin, The Rat King is made up of several Infected and if damaged enough it can/will split apart to keep fighting as separate entities.Weaknesses: Bloaters, Shamblers, Clickers and the Rat King are completely blind and rely on echolocation so technically too much noise can disorient them, Bloaters and Shamblers are extremely lumbering and cumbersome and can be easily avoided.Battle begin!(St. Mary’s Hospital)Throughout the grounds of the Hospital the sounds of groaning, growling and clicking echoed out as a horde of Cordyceps Infected infested the area, the Hospital being ‘Ground Zero’ for the entire Infection in the area.Staggering around one of the Stalkers ambled towards a window, having freshly lost its eyesight to the Fungus that covered its body the Stalker didn’t see the glass until it smashed straight through it, the sound of the shattering echoing louder than the grounds and clicking of the other Infected bringing a pair of Clickers rushing to the sound to see if there was any prey there.Moments later the Clickers raised their head as their sensitive hearing picked up a distant sound, a low rumbling almost like thunder but too low to the ground to be an approaching storm, instead this rumbling sounded more like a stampede.Having been attracted by the sound of the shattering glass a horde of dozens upon dozens of Green Flu Common Infected came barrelling towards the Hospital, clambering and jumping over the ruined cars that littered the road until they smashed into the long locked entrance gate making the rusted metal creak and groan against their weight.In response to the appearance of the Common Infected the Clickers and some Runners charged the gate from the other side, both Hordes of Zombies clawing and biting at each other through the bars of the gate making it groan louder as it was rocked to and fro on its hinges.As the Zombies tore at each other the loud sound of what seemed to be a Bull braying rang out before a Charger came barreling towards the gate, smashing through the horde of Common Infected sending several flying as it slammed into the gate tearing it clean off of its hinges and bringing it down hard upon the few Cordyceps Infected that were behind it, crushing them flat until the heavy metal structure before continuing on its charge, slamming into a Bloater that had been attracted by the noise and forcing it into the Hospital and out of sight.With the gate ripped down the Common Infected came flooding in in a storm of Fists and Claws as they swarmed over the Runners and Stalkers, a pair of Jockey’s leaping over the horde of Commons to land on a couple of Stalkers, wildly cackling like crazy Apes as they pulled at the Stalkers heads to forcibly guide them around, making them lash out at their own fellow Infected as well as any Common Infected that strayed too close, their Claws cutting through the Runners and fellow Stalkers with ease.At the sound of the fighting outside more Runners and Stalkers came running out of the Hospital followed closely by several Shamblers, the Bloater-like Infected quickly getting swarmed by Common Infected and one even getting a Jockey on its head.In response the Shamblers emitted a cloud of Acidic Spores, blanketing the area around them in the burning yellow cloud forcing the Common Green Flu Infected back as their skin and muscle burned away, the Jockey that had tried to ride one of the Shamblers also falling and borderline dissolving into mush from the Spores.Lumbering forward to attack more of the Common Infected the Shamblers then stopped as a loud spitting sound could be heard before one of the Shamblers was hit in the face with a large green blob of Acid, the lumbering Infected roaring in pain as the protective Fungus that covered it melted away allowing the Acid to work into the skin and muscle beneath, its skull melting away moments later causing its bloated body to slump to the dirt.As their fellow Shambler hit the dirt the other two were then quickly hit by two more spits of Acid as three Spitters came running onto the Hospital grounds, the Shamblers crashing dead to the dirt alongside the first one as a Hunter came screeching through the air to land on a Clicker that was running towards the Spitters.Landing hard on the Clicker the Hunter made it stumble but couldn’t outright knock it to the ground, the hoodie wearing Special Infected starting to claw at the Fungal plates that covered the Clicker to reach the softer skin underneath only to shriek as the Clicker bit down hard on its side, making blood spurt as its teeth easily tore through the Hunters clothing and flesh before it threw the Special Infected to the ground with a lash of its head, sending the Hunter scrambling before the Clicker pounced on it and proceeded to tear it near to shreds with its superior strength and ferocity.As the Clicker tore out the Hunters throat the sound of choking and coughing could be heard behind it before an overly elongated Tongue shot out from a broken window of the Hospitals second floor, winding tight around the Clicker to drag it away from the now dead Hunter and hoist it into the air leaving it vulnerable to a rushing group of Common Infected which proceeded to tear it to pieces and bludgeon it to death whilst it thrashed and struggled in the Smoker’s grip.As the Runners, Stalkers and Common Infected continued to slaughter each other in front of the Hospital entrance the Hordes were suddenly scattered as the Charger from early was suddenly thrown lifeless out of the entrance, its corpse landing among the lesser Infected with its head completely smashed in whilst the Bloater came lumbering out.Letting out a deep rumbling roar the Bloater then lumbered into the fray, using its bulk to smash through both hordes of Infected showing no care for its own kind as it crushed anything in its way, eventually stopping when a Smoker Tongue wrapped around its arm and tried to drag it towards it only for the Bloater to heave the Special Infected towards it instead, dragging the smoking Infected close enough to grab it with both hands and bite down upon its head, crushing its skull like it had done the Charger before it.Tossing the Smoker corpse aside the Bloater roared as it prepared to tear into the Common Infected in front of it when the sound of heaving and belching drew its attention behind it, turning just in time as two Boomers charged it, the horrifically bloated Infected rushing the Bloater as fast as they could before kamikaze-ing it, throwing themselves at it to rupture their bodies and explode coating the larger Infected with their Bile.Stumbling back from the force of the two Boomers exploding the Bloater was then swarmed by dozens of Common Infected, the sudden rush of them toppling the Infected over preventing it from being able to truly defend itself as it was slowly torn apart by the Commons.As the absolute carnage continued around it a lone Clicker stumbled around aimlessly, the constant noise around it preventing it from zeroing in on a singular target until it’s acute hearing picked up on a new sound, that of sobbing and wailing coming from a room within the entrance of the Hospital.Ambling into the Hospital the Clicker found the room that the sobbing came from and promptly smashed through the door, shrieking before launching itself towards the crier with its Teeth and Claws ready to attack.In a flash though it was over and the top half of the Clicker landed in the doorway of the room, twitching and writhing before stopping as the Witch that had inhabited the room came shambling out, her sobs now low deep growls before she let out a piercing shriek of her own, brandishing her much larger blood soaked Claws before launching herself into the fray, slicing through the Cordyceps Infected with total ease.Deep within the bowels of the Hospital a huge shape began to move as the echoes of the battle upstairs resonated deep within the long abandoned halls and corridors, the Rat King stirring before starting to crash through its territory heading towards the sounds above, climbing up through the floors and smashing through every ceiling until it reached the ground floor to reveal itself to the light of day for the first time since its ‘birth’.Upon reaching the surface the Rat King proceeded to utterly destroy everything in its path, Cordyceps and Green Flu Infected alike, showing no care for its own kind as it crushed and tore apart anything that got close to it, the thick Fungal plating covering its body rendering attacks from Hunters, Jockeys and even Spitters useless as its greater bulk and strength allowed the Rat King to overpower any Infected that attacked it.Ripping her Claws out of a now dead Bloaters neck the Witch turned to the sound of the Rat King surging towards her and turned in kind, the two most powerful Infected rushing at each other before the Witch made the first move, lashing her Claws across the Rat King’s body cutting through the Fungal plating to draw blood.Bellowing as blood was drawn the Rat King brought one of its hands down aiming to crush the Witch only for the smaller Infected to dodge and then jump upon the mass of Cordyceps Infected, clambering around its form to climb onto its back before starting to savagely stab at it over and over again.Roaring and thrashing around wildly the Rat King barrelled through the Horde around it, crushing dozens of other Infected under its bulk leaving only it and the Witch remaining until it finally managed to reach back far enough to grab the Witch, ripping her from its body and slamming her to the dirt, one hand holding her down whilst the other raised up high ready to land the killing blow.Only to pause when it felt the ground begin to shake.With that a loud feral roar was heard from behind one of the walls that surrounded the Hospital before it was brought down by a Tank smashing clean through it, the massive Green Flu Infected barrelling straight towards the Rat King and slamming into it with enough force to send it off of the ground and crashing through one of the remaining ground floor windows of the Hospital.Roaring louder the Tank savagely beat its chest before grabbing a nearby ruined car, lifting it high in the air before throwing it at the Rat King further damaging the thick Fungal plating that covered its body revealing the softer muscle and flash underneath.Staggering from the hit the Rat King then borderline screamed as the Tank then set upon it, grabbing one of its arms to rip it from its form before doing the same with its larger leg, the larger roided out Infected then throwing the leg away not noticing it suddenly spring to life revealing itself to be a Stalker Infected that had merged with the body of the Rat King.As the Rat King collapsed from the loss of its leg it thrashed its remaining arm in an attempt to defend itself only for the Tank to slam its Fists against its body over and over, the sounds of shattering bone and Fungal plates echoing through the Hospital as the Tank then proceeded to beat the Rat King to death, leaving nothing but a splattered mass of blood and Fungus remaining.It was several seconds after the Rat King had stopped twitching that the Tank finally stopped, the roided out Infected breathing heavily with exertion when it then felt something clamber up its back towards its head.Bellowing with rage as the Stalker that had once been the Rat King’s leg then jumped onto its shoulders and started to claw at its head the Tank thrashed around, smashing through walls, tables and beds in an attempt to rid itself of the Stalker whilst it dug its Claws into the muscle surrounding its head, slowly but surely cutting away at it as the Tank then tried to reach up to grab at it, its own massive arms preventing it from reaching its own head to rid itself of the Cordyceps Infected before finally it got a good grip on its skull and pulled hard.With the sound of tearing flesh and muscle the Tanks head was wrenched from its body sending the massive Infected crashing down lifeless, blood spurting from its neck stump as the Stalker threw its head away and threw its head back in a screech of victory.Only for it to be immediately cut off when the Witches Claws came bursting through its chest, making it choke on blood for a second before the Witch then raked her Claws to a side, borderline bisecting the Stalker leaving its corpse to fall upon the body of the Tank it had just beheaded.With that the Witch was once again finally left in silence, the female Infected simply sitting down and cradling her face in her hands to resume her sobbing and wailing.Winner: The Green Flu InfectedAnd that makes fight 300…I have a very violent mind don’t I?But anyway, why does the Green Flu Infected beat the Cordyceps Infected?Well when down to the weakest Infected the Cordyceps have an easy win as Runners and Stalkers are easily far more powerful and deadlier than any Common Infected but when Special Infected came in it’s a completely different story.Yes Clickers, Bloaters and Shamblers could easily do away with the likes of the Hunters, Smokers, Boomers etc and once the Rat King got involved nearly all Green Flu Special Infected was doomed.That is until the Witch and Tank was brought into the equation, yes the higher levels of Cordyceps Infected are incredibly dangerous but they’re not ‘wipe out a team of powerful and well equipped Survivors’ dangerous with Witches and Tanks being able to end runs on Left 4 Dead in a blink of an eye whilst Cordyceps Infected can be taken down with a few well placed Shotgun blasts and the Rat King being killed by a man with a girls face.So in this battle of new variants of Zombies the Green Flu Infected takes the victory for my 300th battle special.
Ellie and Riley (The Last of Us: Left Behind) by danonymgs3
Clicker Sketch by thesubtle
Dont Breathe by TheArtofKip


ELLIE by hummeri9 ELLIE :iconhummeri9:hummeri9 33 3 Joel-The Last Of Us by 8Bpencil Joel-The Last Of Us :icon8bpencil:8Bpencil 553 145 The Last Of Us-Ellie and Joel by zakValkyrie The Last Of Us-Ellie and Joel :iconzakvalkyrie:zakValkyrie 70 48 Determination by specydroc Determination :iconspecydroc:specydroc 26 10 The Last of Us - Cursed by the Crows by Coconut-CocaCola The Last of Us - Cursed by the Crows :iconcoconut-cocacola:Coconut-CocaCola 127 36 A Painting of Ellie by jht888 A Painting of Ellie :iconjht888:jht888 243 84 The Last of Us - Ellie [Grown Up] by Ventus08 The Last of Us - Ellie [Grown Up] :iconventus08:Ventus08 30 5 Don't make a sound... [The Last of Us] by Ventus08 Don't make a sound... [The Last of Us] :iconventus08:Ventus08 11 3 The Last of Us - Joel by Ventus08 The Last of Us - Joel :iconventus08:Ventus08 28 0 Getting Ready for War... by Ventus08 Getting Ready for War... :iconventus08:Ventus08 14 4 Ellie The Last of Us by Pencilsketches Ellie The Last of Us :iconpencilsketches:Pencilsketches 831 85 -The Last of Us- by obsceneblue -The Last of Us- :iconobsceneblue:obsceneblue 1,099 52 The Last of Us - Joel and Tess by lux-rocha The Last of Us - Joel and Tess :iconlux-rocha:lux-rocha 630 76 The Last of Us Ellie by feavre The Last of Us Ellie :iconfeavre:feavre 2,907 174 i really miss you baby girl by tapuklok i really miss you baby girl :icontapuklok:tapuklok 14 5

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