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Pinkie Pie vs. the fourth wall

Close your mouth, Sugarcube. You'll catch flies.

Man, do I love Pinkie Pie.

EDIT 13/02/2011: Flipping heck, all these favourites! I feel like some kind of pony celebrity!
EDIT 16/02/2011: Just updated the file. Turns out I'd left Twilight's disembodied eyelashes floating in space in the second panel. They're gone now.
EDIT 01/03/2011: Updated the file again, since I'd missed out a shadow. I guess I have sloppy quality control!
EDIT 25/05/2011: 1000 favourites! I love you all and want to make sweet sweet ponies with you.

FINAL EDIT 27/06/2011: This is it! I've redrawn the strip completely, so that the quality of the art finally matches the quality of the gag. Now at least I think the piece is deserving of all the attention it gets, even if I am still incredibly humbled by all of your wonderful feedback.

DESCRIPTION-ONLY EDIT 04/07/2011: Oh hi Tropers. 26/08/2011: Well at some point I was removed from TVtropes. Bummer! But now you can check out the SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME SEXY FANDUB with voices and music and everything!

FINAL EDIT AGAIN 16/2/2012 One year on! I've colour-corrected Twilight and added some shadows. I'll stop messing with it now, I PROMISE.

Subsequent: [link]
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2 days later and Twilight is still standing there.
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I'm just waiting for Sans to pop in and close Twilight's mouth for her XD

Fun fact: Twilight actually can access the 4th wall with her magic. Watch the end of Magic Duel.
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everyone is so impressed with pinkies ability to mess with the 4rth wall but have yall ever heard of the 5th wall?
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Pinkie Pie:The Deadpool of MLPDeadpool icon =Pinkie Chibi Pie Dancing 
Jioseph-superfan63's avatar
4th wall?
What is it?  Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter Deadpool - Drop Derp Dora 
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idk wat to comment 
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Then think with your brain.

( ROAST? )
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Very funny, but can you let me translate this comic?
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:iconsnakeplz: otacon, tell me what you know of this pink pony.

:iconotaconplz: that's Pinkie Pie. the most hyper active pony in Equestria. and she is not one to be taken lightly.

:iconsnakeplz: what makes her so dangerous.

:iconotaconplz: she's been to know break the forth wall several times. matter of fact she does that as a hobby.

:iconsnakeplz: the forth wall?

:iconotaconplz: it's the thing that seperates us from the audience who are watching us.

:iconsnakeplz: and she breaks it?

:iconotaconplz: more than you can imagine. matter of fact she and Deadpool have become best friends because of this.

:iconsnakeplz: *groans* creepy.

:iconotaconplz: don't underestimate her snake. she can pull anything from the 4th dimension and use it in battle. anything from pillows, to chairs, even a duplicate of herself or even you for that matter.

:iconsnakeplz: anything else I should be aware of?

:iconotaconplz: matter of fact yes. her most dangerous power is her Pinkie Sense.

:iconsnakeplz: Pinkie Sense? what's that?

:iconotaconplz: it's a little hard to explain what it is but when parts of her body start moving on their own you better be careful. cause stuff will happen. stuff I have yet to decipher. it's kinda hard to get close when her Pinkie Sense goes off.

:iconsnakeplz: so how do I beat her?

:iconotaconplz: to be honest snake, I don't really know.

:iconsnakeplz: f***.
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The funny thing is that both Otacon and Snake are guilty of breaking the fourth wall too.
kirbyfalcon's avatar
i dont doubt that for a second.
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pinkie pie = fuck logic!
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Brain.exe has stopped working.
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only Pinkie Pie
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Close your mouth, Sugarcube. You'll catch flies.
Man, do I love Pinkie Pie.
but not as much as Fluttershy.
because dam she's freaking adorable
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I keep trying to imagine what that would look like, and I keep getting a headache.
BananasDontStopMeh's avatar
Pinkie someday you qill be able to break the window screen...
One day..
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forget it, Twi. just let it go.

very adorable and I wouldn't object if Pinkie suddenly showed up. keep up the good work.
lily-rose-loves's avatar
"forget it, Twi. just let it go." " just let it go."
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Pinkie Pie: I broke Twilight!!!! :D
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