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Do the Twist

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Take me by my little hoof and go like this~

So the other day I realised I really liked Twist.

:icontwistplz::iconsaysplz: I jutht don't underthtand your fondnethth for me!


This is my first actual animation so be gentle.
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Your first animation, but one of my all-time favorites!
Oh, and you might be interested in reading this: Archaic dance craze or adorkable filly?
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I'm so disappointed in you that you didnt title this Plot Twist
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and bring it in reeeal tighyight!
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Why do twist remind me kinda of keldeo..
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It reminds you of Keldeo too?
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That's really cute ... but I gotta do this to ya: *ahem*

"Used to do the monkey, but now it's not cool
The twist and mash potato are no exception to the rule! ...
Everybody's doin' the toxic waltz
Good friendly violent fun in store for all"
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Twist is very underrated. I don't understand why people hate her though. :( She's cute and reminds me of another character that's underrated, Velma.
People are kinda jerks to her on Youtube, etc. I mean sure she's not my favourite, but I don't hate her though. I'm supprised no-one even insulted anybody for liking her....yet.
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Haa, I see what you did there
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Jack has a new girlfriend!!! :love:

So cute! :heart:
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I'd prefer to be a doofy older brother of a wacky uncle or -

Oh gosh. I keep forgetting. I actually am an uncle.

How did I get so old
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How did I get so old

You were mugged by a calendar? Wait... did I just make a joke? (I guess it's more a comedy-themed random statement than a joke though...)
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And they say funny is hard to do!
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Hehehe! I love Twist too! =D I felt sorry for her when Apple Bloom went off with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. =(
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I dislike the character but this is cute
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Darn it! I had an idea like this! :iconpfftplz: Ah well...

I like her too. :meow: Heck, I like a lot of the background ponies.
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Oh, that little filly can really shake it! You did a great job on the movements and especially the way she moves her upper body (most noticeably her head) to keep her balance as she shifts weight from one hoof to another; the forearm movement looks pretty good in that regard too. For her lower body you did a great job with the body shapes for each view.

The speed setting was 1/100th of a second, though most browsers automatically slow it down. If you can set it I found that 8 or 9 seems to work best, but see what you like.

Tell me the truth: did you either have someone model the motions or even stand in front of a mirror to try it yourself? :)
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I was twisting all morning when I made this, let me tell you. :D Of course, I couldn't model that much considering human and equine knees bend in the opposite directions. I was a bit worried about the mandatory twist in the waist, but that alleviated when I saw that pony bodies are pretty much bowling pin shaped when upright, and I just had to worry about shoulders instead. (Though something still looks a bit off about the neck...)

As far a I'm aware, the only framerates my Photoshop has are 0.0s (!), 0.1s, 0.2s and then in 0.2 increments upwards, and there's no way to make some frames last longer than others unless one were to double the frame. And I thought: eh, it's only eight frames, it'll be fine.

Oh! If there's anything I'm really not happy about, it's the way being a gif has ruined the transparency and put those horrible jagged lines all around her. (And in some places where my colouring went outside the lines.)
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You should have recorded yourself and put it on YouTube. ;)

Yeah, GIFs aren't very forgiving. The best you can do is use dA's background as the GIF background color, but obviously that's only useful for posting on dA. D'OH! The frame rate was only an issue when I opened it in JASC Animation Shop to step through it and take a good look at each frame and set them myself for the full animation (to be closer to FF's playback speed). Hopefully a Photoshop maven will tell the secret.

By the way, it's okay to color outside the lines. :)
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omg xD this is too cute!
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Yay ! :)


It's really too bad people have mostly forgot her...
Or that some vile persons choose to hate her for no good reasons.

She talks funny, so what ? It's a kinda adorable child-like way to speak...
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Exactly! Twist is adorable. And that's why I joined this club:
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