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Get The Lash...

:trash: CONCEPT

The idea to found this group was born by the reflection about uselessness of major part of critique and comments for your artistic growth. Good words can help to believe in you, but will never show your mistakes that everyone has. There is no need to go on if you are sure to be perfect. The stimulus to correct you bugs will always bring you ahead!

How many comments do you receive on DA every day? Are they sincere? Sure? Have you ever thought that just before leaving a comment "OH!!! WHAT A WONDERFUL WORK!!!" someone really wanted to say "WHAT THIS SHIT IS?"??? Would you like to write it? Would you like to explain why??? Now it's a moment to became a real DeviantArtist!

:trash: NEWS

:halfliquid: We have just opened!!! We need contributors who will be able to help us with galleries and critique!!! If you are interested, choose one of our works or… , don't forget rules#1 and 2 and have fun. When the comment is posted, join the group, choose "contributors" and leave in the message link of a comment!!!

:halfliquid: In our opinion, the avatar of TheLash can go to the SHIT gallery, so if you think the same, we wait your variants on mail

:halfliquid: Visit "The Official CC Critique Guide"… written by :dev theonlyskankintown: and :dev critiquecommunity:!!!

:trash: RULES and RIGHTS

:gun: rule #1 No comments in great-work-beautiful-fantastic-wow-i-love-it style!!!
:gun: rule #2 Only motivated comments (artistically and technically).
In the beginning of the comment is obligatory to put one of this votes:
0 :star-empty:
1 :star-half:
2 :star:
3 :star::star:
4 :star::star::star:
5 :star::star::star::star:
BEST :star::star::star::star::star:
BEST could be without any motivation, because in our point of view perfection have no need of words!!!
Other votes without motivation will be left out of account!!!
:gun: rule #3 Submit your best work to get your worst critique.
(Don't dawdle over your old mistakes. Let others help you to find your faults that you have never seen before).
:gun: rule #4 It's strictly forbidden to give good votes for friend and give bad votes against artistic enemies!!!
This group claims honesty!!!
:gun: rule #5 Not more than ONE submission per a week!!! We are not robots!!!

:jsenn: right#1 You can write to us if somebody posts offensive comments or just give just vote without any artistic and technical motivation. In this case we provide to delete him from the members.
:jsenn: right#2 You can always ask to delete you work from our gallery.
:jsenn: right#3 You can dispute against the critiques that from your point of you is wrong and if you will be convincing enough we will consider it submitting your work in one of the galleries.
:jsenn: right#4 All artists whose works enter in "0", "1" and "3" galleries can leave a journal entry in the end of the month to tell what did they learn.
:jsenn: right#5 You can leave the sign of TheLash under your comments if you don't want to seem some kind of evil person without any motivation)


You submit you deviations in our gallery (NOT favorites) and in one month members leave there comments (votes should be written in comments, look rule#2). In the end of month you get enough votes and we decide in which collection (in favorites) should we add your work.

If you are not satisfied of the result, don't give up!!! Do your best and try again!!!

:trash: JOIN

Just click JOIN OUR GROUP, write some explanation, and you are welcome!!!

AnthonyCoke and Xusha
(sorry for our english... )




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GingerJuju Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Hey. I just created this new critique guide for my group. I posted it up in the news section for anyone else who'd like to use it.

Check it out, maybe it could help some of your members: [link]
roseminuet Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ass-lickers?! Come on. :roll:

So you invite people with popular deviations just to tell them that they are not that good as their commenters say.

Hello. If I don't like something, I prefer not to comment. I am no ass-licker. And neither the people who comment my stuff. They just like it.

Another thing. By "no good comments", you kinda force your contributors to find minuses even on a great artwork.

Who are you guys, to determine whether a photo is shit or not? I am running two groups myself and I only accept quality art, but I always state that when I am declining something, one of the main reasons may also be MY OWN TASTE.

Making a group like this is way ot of the line. Putting people's photos in a gallery called SHIT is very offensive, even if they are really ugly. I am sorry, but I don't need YOU, founder, to tell me that I suck. (Now, that was a good lash for you. :lmao: )
EZbreeZ Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010   Traditional Artist
:lol: Haha.
I find this comment to be more negative than the club.
TheNicestKeen Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
The idea of this club doesn't appeal to me either, but if some one's art winds up in the shit gallery, they volunteered to be subjected to that by joining and submitting.
EZbreeZ Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010   Traditional Artist
Ah, I'm sorry my page didn't load right the first time and I didn't see the rest the rules/directions. :]

I know what to do now.
EZbreeZ Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010   Traditional Artist
I find this group interesting. I saw comments on others pages today. Do you need to be invited, or is this open to anyone?

Cause I would love to join. :]
dllong Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010
Ok. I am now featured. I would very much welcome a logical and insightful critique. I would recommend reading My Gig (on my home page) to help guide the understanding of my approach to the diptych.
MusMustMess Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2010  Student Photographer
the links in the club description are nothing but text:|
Xusha Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2010
MusMustMess Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2010  Student Photographer
still not done, i'm talking about the links to the deviations you need to comment on: "f you are interested, choose one of our works [link] or [link]"
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