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The Wind is Blowing

By thelaserhawk
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Thinking about the HD re-release of this game reminded me that I never posted this picture... not that I really post pictures here anymore. But I guess I slightly do.

This is a picture of one of my favorite battles between Link and Ganon. I don't think I'll ever forget it.

Hey, this is my first Daily Deviation. Thank you to those that made it happen, and thank you to those of you who have stopped by to look at the artwork and to comment.
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entonces link si le clavo la espada a ganondorf en the win waker

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I love the coloring here! 
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Ganon seems to die alot
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....and ganon never showed again... Sealed forever.... The heroe's spirit finally at rest
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A marvelous piece! Love the artstyle. Great job.
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I haven't played WW yet but i do love this <3 <3 <3
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Windwaker is my favorite. It's so endearing, lighthearted, beautiful and yes, that battle.. so good. Now I know what I'm doing on comp time LOL
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Not to mention... He ended it... He ended his successors suffering
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Hey Reed! Great drawing, as always. Loved this game and especially this scene.
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Epic and awesome
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I love this game and this is one of the best fanart i never see
Congratulations my friend
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too whimsicle huh?  well FEAR MY WHIMSY!!!!!!!!
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The east wind is blowing!Sherlock Smile 
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Apply to the forehead
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This is really incredible!
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Perhaps Zelda's most extraordinary moment, and you make it all the more so. ;)
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This part of the game the only thing I can ever think about is this:

Zelda: Hey Link! I'm just gunna shoot you with this super death arrow, you cool with that?
Link: WAIT, WHAT?!?
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The colors and the composition on this are so great. I remember this battle so fondly. It made all that sailing around so worth it. The best end fight of the series with the collaboration of Zelda. Good times. I'm reliving it with this picture now. Thanks.
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