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Hero - Super Mario Bros.

UPDATE: I finally got around to fixing the error with his beard-sideburn tie-in :P oh and btw, Luigi will probably bedone soon!

This is a fanart of Super Mario, the one and only Video game Hero, hence the title. I wanted him to look a bit more badass and realistic, while still retaining his characteristic look.

This is obviously a huuuge tribute to the style that the great Dave Rapoza uses on his Turtle fanarts. Cred to you Dave, if you ever read this. Your turtles are amazing (and on my wall, bought them straight from you!) and I wanted to do something similar with a fanart of one of my childhood heroes. Since you already picked the Turtles, which are my number one choice, I had to settle for the second best, which is Nintendo.


**After Luigi.. I guess.. Peach, and bowser, and well, the rest : D
Here's the pic
and 3D-model
I did some year ago which kinda led to this.
A friend of mine did two fanarts from Phoenix Wright in a similiar "more serious" style, if you like this one, you should check them out too, here:… and here:…
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Cool. Im disturbed though