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There was a Story called Mystic Masters where the Metaverse was destroyed by a Great War in which the Magic used was so fierce that it shattered reality and killed almost everyone. A select few did escape to Ancient Earth, and started rebuilding in the city of Ramashajiva. However, one of them was the Wizard Jinn-Lir, and he was mentally contacted by the Wizard Coin whom he had only known as a child before the destruction of the Metaverse. She was somehow fully grown, and had escaped her tragic fate. She advised Jinn-Lir that a mistake had been made, and things could be fixed. I applauded her Time-Lady-ish Shenanigans when I observed her as a grown woman for the first time. She pulled a miracle out of her ass that time. The Mystic Masters Timeline was erased, and the Metaverse continued as if the Great War had never even happened…

Coin became a Time Traveling Wizard, and fought the Atrocity of TAO in an alternate Timeline where Razus was a Pirate Captain of the Pirate Ship “Razorblade”. TAO was the fusion of Wind Walker and Turok, and was responsible for the Great War. Coin chased her into the Alternate Timeline and enlisted the help of alternate versions of Mathias, Wind Walker, and Razus to defeat TAO by dividing her fusion into Wind Walker and Turok again, taking those versions back with her. TAO had made a mess. She caused the Armor of Mathias Mindblade to eat his brother Razus Razorblade, taking the entire Empire of Karotoretos with him into his body. The perverse fusion of Mathias and Razus became “Marrion Bloodstone”, and the whole Metaverse was turned into a Castle of White Fire.

Coin earned her place among the greatest Wizards in the Metaverse that day. She started out as a frightened little blue haired girl destined to return to the nothingness from whence she came when Jinn-Lir’s Imperial Mission was over. She is named after the bag of Domminnan Coins that the Priests of Lifeblood had insulated by turning them into a young girl. With each Coin given to a new warrior on their Quest, she lost a chunk of herself.

There is a Chronological Progression to the Style and Level of Magic in The Metaverse.

Circle Oaennar was the First Circle Mage.

Zero was the Second Circle Mage, and became the First Square Mage.

The 16 Magic Styles called “Stones”[Creationstone]coalesced on the 16 Planets of the Metaverse as the Platonic Realm of the Forms “Boltzmann Brain’ed” Metaphysical Concepts such as Creation and Hate into Physical Living Energy Types which exist as Physical Embodiments of Themselves, as Physicalized Abstracta should.

“Circle Magic” was a Unified Magic Style that fused all of these Living Physicalized Abstracta into one Force.

“Square Magic” negated the effects and presence of “Circle Magic”.

Square Magic is Metaversal Entropy.

Circle Magic is Metaversal Extropy

Circle is God, and Square is the Devil.

Domminna is Heaven, and Rhyhiaeo is Hell.

Over time, the developments of Magic began with Old Akashmiran Magic, which was the First Magic used by anyone in the Metaverse. It was brutal, savage, and nearly destroyed those who dared to use and train with it. (Think playing hopscotch with Marvel’s Infinity Stones)

Next came New Akashmiran, re-invented and innovated by Empress Wind Walker, the Lady Void, and Circle Oaennar.

This was a more Humanitarian Magic System, refined to have greater effect with less harm to the Practitioner. Light focused into Laser. The Mastered form of the Magic of One Stone is called “Going Porcelain”.

The Path to Circle Magic was a constant innovative experimentation of fusing combinations of stones into stronger Porcelain States of Being. This seems to be a refinement and reinforcing of Armor, but the real machine being upgraded is You.

Going Circle Porcelain is to learn to use all of the Stones into an Ultimate Living Energy of all the Conflicting Forces of the Metaverse in Refined Balance.

The first one to do this was so overcome with the effects of this transformation, that they became the Abstracta of the Porcelain Form itself, and identified as the name “Circle”. The People of the Lifeblood Planet gave him the surname of Oaeenar in honor. Circle Oaennar, the First Circle Mage.

Circle Oaennar called Zero from the Deep Void, and trained him to be a Human, then as an Apprentice Circle Mage. Zero betrayed his Master, and reversed the Circle Magic from a Green Circle to a Pink Square. Zero is called the Lost Prophet by his City of Rebels who follow him in his Mighty Kingdom of Rhyhaio, the Metaversal Hell. Circle Oaennar lived in the Metaversal Heaven, Domminna, and it was from there that Circle had summoned Zero from the Deep Void.

This King of Heaven rivalled only the King of Hell. Domminna vs. Rhyhiao. God vs. Devil. Extropy vs. Entropy. The Infecting Light of Life pushing against.The Surrounding Void of Death.

Mathias Mindblade’s higher self, Matthios, was a Flugel Warrior Angel living in Domminna, under Circle’s Command.

Razus Razorblade’s lower self, DarkOnyx, was a Demon Electric Beetle-Man Spy living in Rhyhaio under Zero’s Command. This Demon further mutated in his developing madness into Zandal, the Mad God. Zandal was a large Blue Thunderstorm of Rage and Laughter Elemental, a Wandering Calamity in the Metaverse to be avoided, and survived.

Wind Walker did not play the game of high and low. Her deep connection to her Mother, Horizon Walker, made them reflections of each other, and linked their Magic and Minds together in a Cycle of Continuous Mutual Magical Rebirth. The Fusion of Wind and Horizon Walker created a Being of Supreme Magic. The Entire Magic Infrastructure of the Metaverse was Strengthened by her very Lifeforce. Lady Diana was her name, the Goddess of Domminna.

Turok Rhygear was the Atrocity that enslaved himself to his Machines, becoming a Machine Himself, which, unfettered by the delusions and pitfalls of Humanity, became a Machine God. The Robot was named “Claw:Mechos”, and the Machine God was “Claw of Turok”.

The First Metaversal Wizard was Oribus, who trained the Wizards Jinn-Lir and Wonn-Lir. Jinn-Lir trained the Wizard Coin, who went back in Time and trained the TechnoPagan Turok Rhygear who was trapped inside an Endless Library/Self-Replicating-Complexifying Factory. The Wizard Jinn-Lir trained the Pagan Witch Wind Walker in the Floating Cities of the Planet Hurricanis, in the days of Old Akashmiran. The Wizard Orbius taught Mathias Mindblade to fight his Brother’s Tyranny, Grow an Empire, and Spread Goodness and Wholesome Value as far out as possible in the Metaverse. The Wizard Wonn-Lir trained Razus Mindblade into a true Razus Razorblade, developing the young Emperor’s Potential as an Evil Tyrant. Wonn-Lir also trained the Wizard Typhus and The Wizard Xandria, Princess of Koretoretos.

Matthios and DarkOnyx are constantly hunting each other all over the Metaverse.

Slit and Slam are two Koretoretos Warriors under the Command of Emperor Razus Razorblade.

Colonel Boustrophedon”Boustie” and General Raziel are also Koretoretos Warriors under the Dark Emperor’s Command.

There are 16 Royal Princesses of Lifebloodstone on the Lifeblood Planet, Taeerannor. They are Gateways to the Realm of the Forms, and are Subordinate only to the 16 High Lords of the Power Gates, who reside in Domminna. These are High Nobles that each control an Iris letting the flow of power into the Metaverse from each of its 16 Stones.

Each Taerrannor Princess has her own Army, and they escort her through Space.

The Koretoretos Empire under Emperor Razus Razorblade has a Military called The Necros Demon Machine Army.

The Drift Empire under Emperor Turok Rhygear has a Military called Fleet.

The New Akashmiran Empire under Empress Wind Walker has a Military called Monkstorm, named after her Weaponized Essence “Iron Faerie Monkstorm”.

The Loporian Empire under Emperor Mathias Mindblade has a Military called The High Army of Loporian Light.

The Common People of the Metaverse refer to the Four Rulers as “The Angel, the Demon, the Witch, and the Hacker.” and their sigils can be seen adorning the paper inside a given Compass that the Common People usually carry with them.

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