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[League of Legends] Mount Targon Wallpaper

EDIT: Added Taric & Aurelion Sol

I got bored one day and decided to remake the faction logos from League of Legends as Photoshop shapes. Then I made wallpapers ^-^

Background: Fabric Black Pattern 001 by llexandro

All the splash arts & faction logos belong to Riot Games.

Check out the rest of the set here:…
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Can someone tell me whose that dragon?
wait isnt alistar from mount targon?
i think i read somewhere that alistar was the strongest of the bull tribe he was part of, and defended it against everything. Then Noxus came, and while Alistar was busy killing everyone, they killed the tribe and arrested him.
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There are only 5 Mount Targon champs. Leona, Diana, Pantheon, Aurelion Sol, & now Taric.
Alistar is from the Great Barrier which is a mountain range that goes from one side of the continent to the other. Mount Targon is one of the mountains in the Great Barrier but Alistar appears to be from a different part of the range :)
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Aurelion Sol from Targon right ?
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Yeah, but it will take some time for me to get around to updating this.
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Mount Targon needs more champions
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I am aware that he needs to be added and I will get around to it within the next few weeks. I've been quite busy.
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Isn't Bard part of Mount Targon?
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Well, Bard Mountain is actually in Ionia but Bard is a wonderer so he doesn't really have a place of residence. I believe he may be from a different dimension kinda like Soraka.
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I love pantheon.Why? Because they are badass and never fear death like in 300 movie.That is why i chose spartan as my OC.
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i love how Panth stands between Leona and Diana as if he fears that they would attack each other soon xD
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Haha I kinda had that in mind when I made it xD
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I freaken love pantheon, he was the first champ i ever played
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I played him once in an aram, he is pretty cool ^-^
thunderus97's avatar
yeah, i use to main him, even had his dragonslayer skin
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