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[League of Legends] Bandle City Wallpaper

EDIT 2: Updated Kennen!
EDIT: Updated Poppy!

I got bored one day and decided to remake the faction logos from League of Legends as Photoshop shapes. Then I made wallpapers ^-^

Shapes: League of Legends Faction Crest Photoshop Shapes by TheLadyClockWork
Background: Fabric Black Pattern 001 by llexandro

All the splash arts & faction logos belong to Riot Games.

Check out the rest of the set here:…
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© 2015 - 2021 TheLadyClockWork
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This was last updated before Kled's release. It may take some time for me to update it again.
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Shame there wasn't room for Gnar. He would also been fun.
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There was room for Gnar but he is from Freljord not Bandle City. I put him on the Freljord wallpaper :)
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Actually, don't think he's from neither, he was frozen in Freljord, but probably came from an ancient place in the first of Anivia's generations.
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I like it, but that poppy rework ult...that poppy ult.
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Haha I like the look of it. It looks like something out of a cartoon xD
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Nice, interesting symbol for them
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Indeed. It was recently revealed in the Thunderdome event :)
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nice, i was wondering how that went
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I love this, mostly because you got most of my favorite yordles, and especially because you remembered Poppy.  ;)

Though it's ironic, since Veigar and Lulu are neutral, Kennen stands for Ionia, and Poppy is a Demacia ambassador.  Still, in their hearts, they all love their hometown in their own ways.  FOR BANDLE CITY!

(Seriously, that needs to be an attack command for a yordle in the future!  ;) )
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I decided to add any yordle that had a connection to Bandle City so the only yordle that isn't here is Gnar.
I'm glad you like it ^-^
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