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Another reason why I don't contribute shit to this wikia anymore... You can pretty much guess why. >_>

German translation: We only care about pleasing the stupid fan girls and boys. We don't care about what you have written!

Fuck the admins at for turning their site into another fourth reich. :finger:
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That's true fuck the creepypasta wikia

And also Jeffx Jane motherfucker!
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AND GUYS IF YOU WANT CREEPYPASTAS just go to , it needs improvment but still got great stories :)
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man this is true the admins on the creepypasta wiki do like to mess with me alot, just because my profile says im jewish...............................
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They are not that bad 
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I need to be honest While woking on the Mt. Silver movie I had to spend a year on the chats, the admins can be real pricks most of the time.
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Im starting to believe you actually.
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I COMPLETELY agree with you. The admins act like it's the 8th deadly sin if you do something wrong.
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well taking down jane's story was a bit too much...

why dont you make a jane fan club, i mean she has a lot of fans....i guess most fan girls dont like her because the love jeff to much...
.3. i am actually confused with her story i i dont quite understand certain things...

was the baby jeff's?
is liu alive?
she had a sister? and how did they survived?
and why does she look like that?

other than than i am actually kinda liking this character now...
it is getting better...
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there is a club... it's called ProtectJaneTheKiller, it's here on deviantART
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