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Madman Marz Movie Logo

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This took me well-over a few months to trace this in photoshop and render it as a vector. I finally got it finished this month!


Madman is a 1982 cult classic slasher film directed by Joe Giannone, produced by Gary Sales, and stars:

Paul Ehlers, Gaylen Ross, and Tony Fish.

Distributed by Jensen Farley Pictures, Thorn EMI Video, and Anchor Bay Entertainment.

All logos and films are property of their respected holders.
Please don't sue me, I only did this for fun and I'm not looking to make any money off of this... :)

Rendered in Illustrator, Photoshop, and Dreamsuite.
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One of my all time favorites! This was the first horror movie I ever seen in a theater. I was 6. There was a little talk about a remake with Paul Ehlers making sure it was done properly with the original music.