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Jane the Killer Origin Chart

This should clear up any confusion about Jane The Killer/Jane Richardson being allegedly burned like Jeff. PastaStalker64's retarded idea has lead people into thinking he/she is the original creator, but... incase you're forgetting-- I AM THE CREATOR! >_< PastaStalker64, I oughta kick your ass for plagiarizing Jane the Killer in the first place to begin with...

Anyway, enjoy the chart! :D      

Note: Jane the Killer was created by science, not born of fire.   
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This clears things up quite a bit, thank you! I'm a little confused on something though. So, did Jeff not burn Jane, but killed her parents and burn her house down? I know that Jane was created by science now, but I'm a little confused, and me and another person on YouTube are fighting over it, and they're saying yours is the fanon one for some weird reason.

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Is there a Story you've written about Jane Narrating her Real Story? why would I love to read it 0w0 !
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As a matter of fact, dear friend, there is the uncut and extended version of Jane's real story, me and my buddy AnimeCitizen of mine worked on it together. :meow: He helped me, and we're just proof-reading it, making sure no type-os and the such. But let me know, and we'll be more than happy to oblige! :D
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What hair color was she before ingesting the Liquid Hate?
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i really love Jane,i don't get why people ship with Jeff.She's with Mary
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Is there like a written orgin/story that you've made? Cause I'd like to read her story, not just in pictures ;w;
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I'll hook you up this week :)
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Ahh great! Can't wait! ^^
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This is great! I honestly used to get confused with the original Jane and Arkensaw when I first got into Creepypasta, but now I understand MUCH more between the two. Science! This is why I love you ^^ You've made one of the most badass experiments of all time.
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thank you so much :D I'm glad you enjoyed it, and you know what else is bad ass? You! Are! :hug:
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Thankyou ^^ You are too! :D
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Can I ask just a little question :Is Jane the killer canon in the 2011 version of Jeff the killer or in the original version ??? (Sorry if the question does not make sense)
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Here's an idea I have...Jane's weapon should be something other than a kitchen knife. Like a machete or a revolver or...a chainsaw.
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Dude, you owe me for that watch and i'm calling it in with a bio of Jane.
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I'll be making it by the beginning of next week... um, are you okay? o.o
ask-theangelofsouls's avatar
I'm fine, just doing some Horror Brawl bios. Many people call this a spiritual successor to Terrordrome, which is true, but it is also like Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct and Street Fighter
ask-theangelofsouls's avatar
You can take a look at the bios i did so far

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um, why don't you and I do the bio together?
ask-theangelofsouls's avatar
Well, you can do your bio, and i'll do the Horror Brawl Moveset.
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it may take time, but i will do it
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