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Current Residence: In your nightmares, where I reside...

Occupation: The Werewolf Bitch

Favorite Music: Cemetery Bell tolling...

Favorite Soda: Eh, I'm not really picky.

Wallpaper of Choice: Total Nightmare Fuel

Favorite Cartoon Character: Linda Belcher

Personal Quote: They're out there - and you're in the middle of your worst nightmare...

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Favourite Visual Artist
Clive Barker, Les Edwards
Favourite Movies
Anything in the Horror genre, especially slasher films.
Favourite TV Shows
Whatever's on Hulu
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Slayer, Lordi, Guns N' Roses, Type O Negative, Pantera, En Vogue, Destiny's Child, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga
Favourite Books
The Art of War, Frankenstein, Dracula, Tales of Horror & The Macabre, War of the Worlds, Nightmares and Dreamscrapes, The Andromeda Strain, Sphere
Favourite Games
Anything violent, gory, and graphic, such as: the Mortal Kombat series, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Space 2, the Hitman series, etc.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox 360, Xbox One
Tools of the Trade
Razor-sharp teeth and claws

Post Spotlight

Bruce and Paula Richardson's Family Members! :D by TheLadyBlackWolf, journal

Note: This is just a short horror story. Bear with me... ;) I've been smelling this horrendously foul stench for weeks now. Where is that smell coming from? Why does that place smell so bad? From the outside, it looks like a fairly-decent home, with some signs of wear and tear... But what about the inside, is it any better? Apart from the porch looking sparsely-furnished, there were no abnormalities. Where is that smell coming from? In all my days of passing by the house, I have not seen a single living soul... Not during the day anyway. There are cardboard boxes next to the door, with chords that do not go to anything. An extension chord here, a laptop charger there, but that's about it. The box itself smells musty, so why would it be out here? Very faintly, I hear through the window, the sound of YouTube videos playing. Screams and shrieks are heard, but are they sound effects or the real deal? Who's in there? Where is that smell coming from? Why does that place smell so bad? The
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Mark your calendars, my beautiful dearies, tomorrow is Mary Richardson's 33rd birthday and tomorrow marks the birthday of Yours Truly! :D
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Some beautiful morning bird song to relieve stress... :meow:
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