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Altering Windows XP
Renewed - New design and new content
(Customizing windows xp since 2005)

- Various reshacks and mods
- Tips and tweaks
- Tools, utils
- Help, Tutorial
- How can i FAQ
- Shell extensions
- My mod gallery

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MPC-HC Volume bar hack 4/26/2010
revert to the default win style. (mpc-hc v1.3.1249.0)
hex 05BF20 at offset D7342 -> change to 05BF10
(basically only the last "two" digits need to be changed) - screenshot

+ MPC-HC Seekbar and Volumebar Hack:…
After 9 years of using internet explorer, i finally switched to firefox. i have already customized my ff2 (deleted all icons and unnecessary items), and now here is the public version.

firefox_portable( (without any extensions)