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Litle update 2013:

Html desktop + iconless windows(xp) interface. with a bunch of hacks.

the menu "shortcuts" is grigri's shell extension. (contextaware) except that there are no more external apps used. basically it's a hacked default xp.

windows hacks at: [link]
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can u share the font all caps? =D
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The font is HaxrCorp or standard 07_55.
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I love this. So clean.
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this is oldscool punch!
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This is so cool. I love it. Great work !!
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this is amazing, your explorer windows are amazingly clean, i've never been one to keep around folder tasks but you pulled it off greatly. the various resource hacks all around are really terrific to look at, and show a lot of thorough customization and consistency, this is gorgeous, great job. :+fav+
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I just have to say: THIS IS MY DREAM INTERFACE! Have been looking for this for YEARS. Will try to do this on my own pc. I would however GLADLY pay for a self-installer version of this. If you feel like doing that, please contact me.
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thx. but there is no installer and never will be one.
it's basically series of hacks, tweaks, tricks.
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This is awesome.

Love the way you turned the regular context menu into a litestep-style launcher as well.

great desktop customization. i wonder if you could make a tutorial to customize the desktop.
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a complete (and i mean a full, step by step) tutorial would be lot of work.
but there are some hacks/tweaks on my page. [link]

there is aslo a basic html desktop tutorial if you just want to use that. (examples of how to open folders, run programs with simple html links)
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great customization.
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Is the visualstyle available for download? Link please?
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no. this vs will be not released because it is unfinished. (i don't use the start panel therefore the start panel is unfinished) however maybe there will be a port of this vs. (maybe)
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That would be great! I like the clean minimal style.....not a fan of glossy / aero / glass themes myself.....
You've got great style and excellent music tastes.
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this is god-like.

my hat goes off to you, sir.
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What did you reshack to get the bar on the left side?
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the shellstyle.dll.
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Could you tell me exactly what and how? Thanks.

Sorry for the late response.
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yes. shellstyle.dll > UIFILE 1

and i just added this line:
<scrollviewer id=atom(scroller) sheet=styleref(taskpane) xscrollable=false yscrollable=false layoutpos=left width=20rp>
<element layout=borderlayout() background=rgb(214,215,210) contentalign=bottomleft borderthickness=rect(0,0,1,0) bordercolor=rgb(175,176,174)/>

after this line:
<element resid=main id=atom(main) sheet=styleref(main) layout=borderlayout()>
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