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December 9, 2016
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by TheKucing is a great portrait of Newt Scamander with lots of friends.
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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Recently saw the movie. Nedless to say now I am a huge fan of Newt. He's such a cinnamon roll that must be protected at all cost; fight me. Also poor Credence baby.... He needs more love. And hugs. A lot of hugs. ;__;

By the way, I'm truly sorry if Newt doesn't really look like Eddie Redmayne here. I tried, okay. orz
This is such a breath of fresh air for me, tho. Lol. I had fun. :D

Done on PS CS6 while listening to Christmas carols.
Newt just gives off that warm, Christmas-y feeling to me. X'D

Oh, and this will be available as A3 prints on Chocho Days in Surabaya (10th Dec 2016).

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I would love to print this out for my daughter. What do I need to do to get permission?
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I am very sorry, unfortunately as I myself sell the printout of this drawing on conventions, I am not sure if I can give permission for that. Again, I am very sorry and thanks a lot for the understanding! 
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Amazing painting! 👍
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WOW. This is absolutely stunning! His face looks so real! :wow:
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OMG, this is just amazing. I love it :)
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Thank you and glad you like it! :D
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Omg! I want this on my grave when I die 😱😱😱
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Oh, wow, I'd take that as a compliment in which case I'm honoured to hear that, really. :XD:
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Precious baby.  When I heard Luna Lovegood was married to Newt's grandson, I thought back on Redmayne's performance as the out-of-it, but definitely fearless and clever, Newt Scamander.  Yup, I can see them getting along well.
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Yeah, she was married to his grandson. :D
Oh, and Newt's name actually appeared on Marauder's Map back in PoA which makes me wonder if he was visiting his grandson.... Or maybe it was because Buckbeak's case....?
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the sloth thing scares me XD

looks really pretty though!
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Tbh it kinda scares me too X'D
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Nice! I loved that movie. :D
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Thanks! :D
Yeah, the movie was awesome. Kinda like a breath of fresh air among superhero moves for me. X'D
I love this! It's so full of life and wonder, really well done. :D
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Thank you and glad you like it! :la:
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